Wednesday, July 25, 2007

House painting -- with no rain!

Before I get into anything about the day I have a special note for Cathy of Pennsylvania. You asked what you could do for Javante and his family (the little boy and his grandmother who came to church). We have rounded up some furniture but what they could really use (that we can't find) are bed linens for queen and full size beds, towels and pots and pans. I thank you for wanting to do something -- you all have such hearts of service! We thank you for the thought and if I can help you with anything just give me a call.
Now, for today. As you can see, most of the Michigan team continued with the outside painting of Tom and Carol's house and it looks fantastic! Amazing what a team can do when they all work together! Jansen took these photos for me as this house is quite a distance from where we are and I can't always get to all the jobs going on that day!
Our Washington team was just a couple of streets away working on sheetrock and construction of a new homeowner. This team has some skilled workers and we always try to use them to the best of their abilities.
Ciri is working on decorating our church. She has some wonderful ideas which should really make the church light up.
Allen and Dovie welcomed their two nephews to the group this evening. Those nephews also brought along a friend so our teams have just grown by 3 more people for the next week or so.
Monty and I had the blessing of meeting with a couple of our Convoy of Hope friends this afternoon. They had been in Mississippi and drove over here for a couple of meetings. They had the opportunity to stop in and visit with Mike and Faye. They were happy to report Mike is doing well and out of the hospital. It was also the first time they got to see their new home and they were happy with what they saw. We were so happy to see them and hear how things are going up in Missouri.
We did get an update on Monty's sister. She had her back surgery today and was resting comfortable when we spoke to her step father. Thank you for your prayers!
Until tomorrow . . . Susan and Monty

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