Thursday, July 05, 2007

Welcome to the world of gutting

Before I get into the day I would like for everyone to take a minute for prayer. As I write this there is breaking news that one of our deputy sheriffs was killed this evening. He was responding to a domestic dispute, opened the garage door at the residence and the man started firing his gun. The deputy was wearing a bullet proof vest but the bullet entered his side, over the vest and killed him. He was only 22 years old, on the force for less than a year and had just proposed to his girlfriend last night. The violence around this city is terrible and your prayers are greatly appreciated. It was a drug dealer as always. The gunman is hold up inside the house with his 5 year old and the grandmother held hostage. It could be a long night!
Now, for today. Once again the rains came, poured down, flooded streets in some places covering the front bumpers of trucks! But the work went on, the roof continued between heavy showers and two parts of our hometown team and part of the Angola, IN team learned what a gut out is. They were in two homes where they removed the sheetrock, insulation and everything else inside. They also found that pulling all the nails from the studs after the sheetrock is taken out is quite a rough job. Nails that have been under water for nearly a month and then left sitting have turned to rust and would rather break off than be pulled from the studs. As you can see from the photos, sometimes you go to great heights (literally) to get the job done! This team found their way through the walls and into the attic to do their job. Even the bus driver got into the act! Truth be known, guys and deconstruction just go together!
The Angola team also joined in when those who were working outside got rained out. The WA team continued working away in their homes except for one who came to help with the roofing. And a special note to Tim from PA -- Janice's house is coming along fine, the WA team has been in it all week! Thanks for asking.
This evening our team joined in a short chapel service before taking time among themselves to discuss the week. They will be leaving very early in the morning and we will be up to send them off. I can't tell you how difficult it will be to send a hometown team home! We know they will be going home different men, changed men, men who have learned what it means to serve, what it means to help, what it means to have their hearts touched through and through. We thank the families for sharing their loved ones with us this week! We have loved having them here and pray for their safe travel home.
For all the families, I am sending a CD of photos from the entire week with John, our Pastor's son. If you would like a copy please contact Pastor Dave and he will see that you receive one. There are about 250 photos on the CD and they all tell a story. I encourage you to get one and sit down with your son and talk about his experiences with him. Thank him for his service to others and love the man he is becoming.
Blessings to all and until tomorrow . . . Susan and Monty

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