Sunday, July 15, 2007

Welcome Alabama, Mississippi and New Mexico

Just a couple more neighborhood photographs.

Yes, you read correctly that 3 teams arrived today! Should be quite a week filled with blessings going to and from! The team from Mississippi (8) is only staying one night and working through tomorrow. They are connected with the New Mexico team. Our New Mexico team (35) is mainly youth from all over the state. They have been on the roads for 3 days in a large Greyhound type bus so they were really glad to get out and get settled. They are staying at our church location in the 9th ward.

Our team from Birmingham, Alabama are here with us at the East location. There are 12 of them and most of them are skilled so they will be getting some homes caught up for us this week. One of them even drove his own truck loaded down with tools! What an answer to prayer -- for us and for the homeowners where they will be working!

It appears that there might be an added blessing for all of us this week. The weather has the temps under 90 degrees for the week! Even though we have had more than our share of rain and it is forecast to continue, we'll take it over the intense heat any day!

I do have an update on Ms Faye and Mike. Mike is back in the hospital with blood pressure problems. The doctors are having trouble keeping it from falling too low. I spoke with Ms Faye a couple of times today and she said he is also fighting depression. When a person never has a day where they feel good it can work on your mind and he is in a battle right now. Your prayers are appreciated and if you worked with them this might be a good time for a phone call of encouragement and prayer!

We hope you will be keeping up with us this week. As I said, it will be an awesome one and packed with surprises and news!

Until tomorrow . . . Susan and Monty

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