Saturday, July 28, 2007

Goodbye Michigan

Just a part of the pile left behind by the gut out from Michigan! A pile of what we call debris but the homeowner calls their life! The mirror stands along side, not damaged so badly and waiting for possibly a new owner to come by and pluck it from the pile. This is what we do with some things that might be usable for someone else. No need to dumpster "dive" around here, just drive up and down the streets.

The Michigan team left for home early this morning. We pray for their safe travel and that they will return to the city soon.

The Washington team worked as if it were a regular work day today. Just because it was Saturday on the calendar made no difference to them! They will take a day of rest tomorrow.

Monty and I started our day at the church. The pews and benches are now completely refinished and placed back in the sanctuary. From there we headed off to Pastor Teresa and Greg's house to put in the base trim. Greg had the job of pulling all of the furniture away from the walls, quite a job in itself. I set up the miter saw on their front porch and did the measuring and cutting and Monty did the nailing and caulking. We got the entire job done and had a blast while doing it! I'm not so sure their dog, Banjo, had such a good day though. He wasn't too happy with the sound of the nail gun and the saw. He will probably sleep very well tonight!

We did hear results from Monty's family in regard to their health. His sister, Shelley, is doing well and resting at home. The news with his uncle, Larry, isn't as good. They found a mass on his pancreas and spots on his liver. Neither of them can be corrected with surgery. Needless to say it's rather upsetting and your prayers would be helpful - for the entire family!

I want to let you know we will "off the air" from tonight until Tuesday night. We have a meeting at our mission school on Monday. We are in the final stages of our application process to become missionaries with the school. It's an exciting time for us. God is leading us in His plan and we pray to be open and obedient to whatever and wherever that plan is to lead us.

We will be back here blogging on Tuesday night!

Have a blessed couple of days and don't forget to thank God for all your blessings as you attend your house of worship tomorrow!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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Cathy from PA said...

Hi! just wanted to let you know we will be bringing items for Javante's family. Could we bless the children too? I know you are away for Monday so I'll watch to hear from you on Tuesday.
Thank you for everything thing you do, you both are HIS heart and hands!
Cathy from PA