Friday, July 27, 2007

Gut Out --- weeds first

Yes, the Michigan team continued their gut out but they had to find their way through the weeds that were as high as the house before they could even find the door! The photo with the weeds is the house next door. Their house looked just like this one. It's what happens after 23 months with no one there and nothing done. At home we call it vacant, that word doesn't begin to describe what we see here, one house after another, entire subdivisions!
The photo of the television is an excellent example of what happens inside the homes after this long! Looks like something from a horror movie.
The team took many of these water breaks as the temps rose into the 90s and then the rains came to only add to the humidity.
The photos of the growth of molds inside the homes are fascinating! The patterns of the mold and how it just eats everything it touches are amazing. You can see that the floors have already fallen through and the mold shows the water line. Because the home sat this way for all this time not only do the walls have to come out, so do the ceilings. They have soaked up the water also. And the entire electrical system will have to be redone and no electrician will come and work unless the home is stripped to the stud walls. And even some of the stud walls in this home have to be removed and replaced as the studs rotted at their bases and separated themselves from the subflooring! Destruction unlike anything most people have ever seen. And we just keep finding them, they seem to never end!
The Washington team helped our neighbor across the street pull a few more things from his home. He had a team of roofers there the other day and those guys worked till nearly 10pm that night but they got the new roof on and completed.
From there the team went and worked in another home. This team is staying through the weekend and will be working tomorrow -- a Saturday! What a blessing to all the homeowners whose lives are blessed by them being here!
I am still working on refinishing the 2 church pews that survived the storm. I have been able to refinish them and yet preserve the water lines that happened as they floated in the 11' high flood waters inside the church for nearly a month.
Monty was busy painting the base trim we both will be installing in Pastor Teresa and Greg's home tomorrow. It's the last thing they need done. Greg plans on helping us, it should be a fun day for all of us!
One of the Michigan teens left this morning but not before she wrote a letter to all of us. She wanted to let us know what this week had meant to her and how it had changed her life. I won't quote the whole letter but there was a line in it that is one of those "quotable quotes" that all of us should "ponder" on daily. She said that being here was "nothing at all to do with me and everything to do with God"! Words to live by!!
Until tomorrow . . . Susan and Monty

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