Friday, November 17, 2006

Goodbye Ohio

This morning we said goodbye to our wonderful team of 3 from Ohio. They worked part of the morning at Jim and Cindy's and then headed for home. We pray for safe travel and that they will return as soon as they can! We so appreciated their work ethic and the ministry they did this entire week. Not to mention their electrical skills! Thanks guys, we love you!

The top photo was taken this afternoon as we were able to bless some families with furniture. This photo is Lulu and 3 of her 5 children. You might remember her, if not --- Lulu is a single mother. She was hit by a triple whammy in the storm. The storm itself tore the roof and all of the outside of her home off. During the storm lightning struck and started her home on fire. Then, after the storm an electrical short started another fire and what little progress they had made was not only undone, but worsened! Lulu has some awesome family members who made the decision to move themselves down here, in their campers which are in the front, side and back yard of her home, and do the work themselves. They dedicated themselves to be here to bring her home to completion, and that's just what they are doing! They are near the time to start the flooring but Lulu had no furniture to put into her home, no beds for a couple of the children -- until today! She left with just what she needed and also at a loss for words. She also just underwent surgery 2 weeks ago and her youngest daughter will be having surgery next Tuesday! This story is just one of thousands down here, and just one of the blessed ones that we have been able to help. Lulu promised that we will be some of the first people invited in to see her home when it is completed and she can get back to living! Lulu also realizes that it isn't us -- it's God -- all the way!

The next right photo is Pastor Lee getting some sheetrock for his sanctuary. His church is in Pascagoula and was destroyed by the flood waters. He is single handedly trying to rebuild and has done a great job. He is now to the sanctuary and was in dire need of help. Our Pastor Ken buddy referred us to Pastor Lee. Pastor Ken is doing the electrical and realized the need. Thanks to Convoy keeping us stocked with sheetrock we were able to bless him with hopefully half of what he will need!

You can also see Pastor Lee in the last photo, helping another local church load up their new interior doors! Pastor Roger also suffered terrible damage to his church and was in need of interior doors. Thanks to Convoy (again) we have ALOT of interior doors that were donated and now one more church can get back to "having church" again!

I have preached it before and will continue to do so --- God cannot be stopped! Without a doubt, the devil meant Katrina for every kind of evil he could. God is the ultimate decision maker and has put the devil in his place, UNDER His feet! The devastation of Katrina is uniting these cities, these churches, these people and it is spreading throughout the coast and spilling into the entire USA by the volunteers coming and serving and taking the word back home! God is the Almighty and He has the final word! Aren't we the ones blessed because of it!

Until tomorrow .... Susan and Monty

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