Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Farewell to part of Home

Here is the group photo of our family here with us this week. This morning we said goodbye to Bob and Jolene. They had a long drive ahead of them, headed to Florida for the holiday. I think Bob was more than ready to go but Jolene would have liked to stay!

Rob, Keith and Kevin headed to Dane's house this morning. They are doing the sheetrock finishing which will keep them busy the next few days. Rob came prepared - he brought his stilts to reach the ceilings! Keith was busy doing some sanding on the first coat that had been put on by our team from West Virginia. Dane was off work at noon today so he was excited to be able to work with the team. Monty spent most of the day also helping, he loves working in the field.

I spent most of the day driving Steve and Raetta around the areas to see the disaster details. Raetta is putting together a DVD and we covered enough ground for her to have some really good footage. We went to the gulf side, seeing all the "places" where homes used to be, we saw the concrete wave monument in Pascagoula, a couple of the homes we have worked in and then traveled to Ocean Springs to see the progress on the rebuilding of the highway 90 bridge. It was a beautiful sunshiny day and her photos turned out great. The big bird you see in the top photo is a crane, the largest bird. They are returning to the area this time of year and this one sat here all morning as if he were posing for photos. You can see the muck and mess in the water, the tide is extremely far out and everything that was under the water is exposed. The crane loved the idea of catching lunch quite easily! Steve and Raetta were on their way to northern Alabama by mid afternoon to spend the holiday with his family. Steve's mother passed away recently so this holiday will be a bit tough.

When we all gathered for dinner this evening it seemed strange to not have the rest of the team with us. Part of our family was gone and we missed them! We pray for safe travel for all of them.

As I sit here this evening, thinking about tomorrow being Thanksgiving Day, it just seems like this year has passed so quickly. I know that the older we get the faster time seems to pass, but this year has been an exception. With the temps in the 70s again it still seems like it should be summer, not the end of November. When I think about all that has happened this year, the decision to quit our jobs and come here to follow the calling God has placed on our lives, the entire thing seems surreal at times. Monty and I just have SO much to be thankful for! Yes, I will really miss being around the dinner table with my family back home, not seeing my brother that is making the trip from Florida, but I wouldn't trade it for the world! I have seen God, seen and experienced miracles beyond my wildest imagination, and been blessed far beyond words and am so very thankful for being called by God! There is nothing in this world to compare it to, no job, no anything! Being with and working directly with God day in and day out is .... it's indescribable! Monty and I would like to thank all of you who make this possible! Without you and all you do we would not be able to be here! THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!

We pray each of you has a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving Day!

Until then ...... God bless! Susan and Monty

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