Saturday, November 04, 2006

Goodbye New Jersey

Meet Betty from Iowa. I don't think she will mind my telling you she is 80 years young! We were told about her before they ever got here. They had a woman whose specialty was cutting insulation. She would cut to precise measurements and others would put it up. Betty is the insulation cutter --- complete with her own tools! She has waited patiently all week long, hoping for the opportunity to use them. TODAY was her day!!!

The entire Iowa team converged on Virgil's house for the day. There were those working inside, still putting in subflooring. There were those outside raking the yard, cleaning up debris, and then there was Virgil, right there with them. He was using the chainsaw and "trimming" shrubs that had taken on a life of their own since the storm. The pile of shrubbery trash was nearly 20' tall by the time they finished. It was the perfect weather day to be outside. And then there was Betty, she finally got to use her tools and start with insulation. She was a happy lady! Virgil still has some electrical to do and should have it done this weekend. We will then be ready to bring in the next team and do more of the insulation and start hanging sheetrock. The two younger girls with this team, Jess and Cassie, got to pack sheetrock today. They learned the process of getting it out of the warehouse, onto the trailer and then into the house of the homeowner. Not an easy task but they were up for it. When Monty mentioned he would take the two of them and another man they were quick to inform him that no man was needed! :) Monty took Jim anyway!

The New Jersey team headed to the airport late this morning. They had a flight to get them to Atlanta and then onto home. The ministry that this team did this week was unlike anything we have seen thus far. Pastor Mike was everywhere and doing just what God called him to do. He was just doing it under some extreme circumstances and with those who needed it most! Jack and Sue and Trish were such blessings to Rosemary; Rosemary came to devotions this morning just to say goodbye to the team. They all will be forever family! We are praying Rosemary will be able to find someone who can care for her mother for awhile in the morning so she can come to church with us! Please join us in this prayer!

New Jersey called us this evening --- they did make it to Atlanta --- and that's as far as they got! The flight getting out of here was delayed and they missed their connection in Atlanta. They are being put up there for the night and will arrive home tomorrow morning just in time to drive straight to church!! We pray God's blessings for a safe flight tomorrow. To say we will miss these 4 people is an understatement. With this being the second trip for them in less than 2 months we really!!!! feel like they are family! Thanks to all of them for coming and blessing not only the homeowners here on the coast but also Monty and myself!!! We love you guys!!!

Our newest team, also from New Jersey, arrived this evening. They drove straight through the night last night and are staying at a time share condo for this week. They are exhausted from the trip and so we will not see them until they arrive for church tomorrow morning. There are 14 of them with 2 more in route -- if they get their vehicle working! They also could use your prayers! We have 3 or 4 jobs lined up for them next week so they will need to get their rest!

Iowa is spending their evening preparing for their own departure tomorrow morning. They will be driving, a very long trip, and could also use prayer! Isn't it amazing --- we ALL need prayer and it's one of the easiest things to do --- something everyone can do!!!!!

We hope all of you will find your way to your "house of worship" tomorrow morning to celebrate all of God's blessings in your life!

Until tomorrow ... Susan and Monty

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