Thursday, November 16, 2006

Synchronized swim team???

Yes, these men were "razzed" this morning. Mike was wearing an Ohio State jacket when someone asked them if that is where the synchronized swimmers came from! It was meant to be a "dig" because right now Ohio State is ranked number one in college football and the big game with number two is this Saturday! Just the thought of these three men and synchronized swimming was really funny! They enjoyed the joke and it will, no doubt, follow them all the way home!

The top two photos show them still hard at work at Jim and Cindy's home. They have the electrical complete and it will hopefully be inspected next week. They were busy with insulation and sheetrock this afternoon. They have been a wonderful team and we are so thankful for the week we have had them here!

The next two photos are of one of the families that we were able to bless with some furniture this afternoon. Lisa and her family are members here at The Refuge church and were in dire need of some bedroom furniture. After this afternoon each of the children has a place to put their clothes and the daughter now has her own bed! This is only the beginning of the blessings to come!

The final photo was taken yesterday morning during the storms that hit the area. The waves were crashing up on the beach area higher than we have ever seen them. It just made me wonder what it must have looked like days before the storm and then during the storm! You can see one of the piers in the background but what you can't see is that the pier is destroyed, just like every other one around here. The storms finally died down in the afternoon although the high winds continued throughout the night - something easy for us to hear living in the camper trailer!

Speaking of the high winds, they finally did in the disaster tent we have had out back since the storm. We were able to salvage the back part of the framing and are in the middle of recreating it, only smaller. We took most of what was inside to the warehouse and will be able to keep just a few things under the new area. It sure made it look different back there!

This evening we were all blessed to be invited back to Jamie and Cindy's for a homecooked meal. This couple loves to have the teams over for a real southern meal and they do such a wonderful job. They served us "true" gumbo with rice, potato salad and the best greens I have ever had! Jamie had seasoned them with venison and it was outstanding. They topped it all off with sweet potato bread for dessert! It's just such a nice evening to relax and spend eating and talking around the table, something I really miss from home! Their daughters, Elaine and Anna are such help and seem to also enjoy meeting new people. Thanks Jamie and Cindy, you are fantastic hosts and we always look forward to coming and bringing the teams!

We will be saying goodbye to our Ohio team tomorrow. They plan to work for a little over half the day and then start the trip home. Please keep them in your prayers.

Until tomorrow .... Susan and Monty

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Anonymous said...

Just FYI, OSU's synchronized swim team is consistently ranked either number 1 or 2 in the nation. Their talent and dedication is nearly unmatched! If you ever have an opportunity to see them, you will be very grateful!