Monday, November 27, 2006

It's been a rough weekend!!

Yes, the weekend was a rough one.

After our dinner together with our home team on Friday night we all started falling like flies!

During the night Monty got up and came inside the church only to find Rob laying out on the floor of the sanctuary in stomach pains. At the same time it was happening to me. By morning it was a race to the restrooms, not a fun time at all.

Monty took the other 2 men from the team and wrapped things up at Dane's because it was obvious Rob wasn't making it to work anywhere. They decided to pack it up and head home, Rob feeling well enough to drive. They drove part way and stayed the night before arriving yesterday afternoon. By the time they stopped Sat night the other 2 men were also suffering!

I was down so far on Saturday that I wasn't sure if I would make it back up! Sunday was a bit better but not much. By today I think I'll live!

We have no idea what hit us --- a big mach truck would have been less painful --- but whatever it was, Monty escaped!!!

It was very upsetting to me that I couldn't even say goodbye to our family. I love all 3 of these guys and we had such a fantastic week! To have it come to an end like that is just the devil in action as far as I am concerned! We know the devil and his means and this was him for sure!

We are just glad all are back home, safe and sound, and feeling better by now. Dane even called this morning to see how they all were doing because he, too, did not have the chance to thank them and say goodbye!

Since Monty and I have been on a 3 month run of working 7 days a week we have decided to take today and tomorrow as a breather before getting into alot of holiday outreach items around here.

We aren't the only ones that the devil was busy attacking lately. Our Convoy leaders, Fory and Cindi also went back home to Minnesota to take care of some family things and while they were there Cindi also got very ill. They are back here on the coast once again and although she is better, she still has a ways to go to be back to normal! When you are working for the Lord it makes the devil quite unhappy and he has his ways of getting to all of us at times. THIS is where YOUR PRAYERS are priceless!!!! We thank you for praying over all of us! YOU are keeping us going!

Thank you to Rob, Keith and Kevin for everything they did while they were here! Yes, working at Rosemary's and Dane's made a powerful impact, but what you brought to Monty and I is priceless! You brought family and the touch from home that we so desperately needed! We are anxious to see you again soon!

Until tomorrow ..... Susan and Monty

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