Friday, November 03, 2006

Where's the heat?

Everyone awoke this morning scrambling for sweatshirts, jackets, blankets, anything they could find. The wind howled all night and the temps fell to around 40. No one was very prepared but it didn't take long to warm up enough to realize how blessed we were to have these temps to work in! We'll take the mid 70's for as long as God wants to bless us with them!

Once again the teams were working away. One of the great things is seeing how these two teams from different states and different parts of the US have meshed together into one. You would have no idea that they weren't one big team! They were mixed together today in their different jobs and had a blast. They got to know more about each other and became family. They have also become family to the homeowners where they have worked all week. Rosemary will be coming to our daily morning devotions tomorrow morning! Relationships ---- that's what God says it's all about and He is always right!

I wish you could be here tonight, hearing what I am hearing ... the room is radiating with prayers! The teams have joined together with a couple of gentlemen from our church here and they are all praying together! It's enough to bring one to tears yet burst forth with joy at the same time!

They finished with Rosemary's house today. She will now be working with an electrician all next week and as soon as that is done we will be returning with insulation and sheetrock.

Cindy and Jim have their electrician there as we speak and they should be ready for their insulation and sheetrock come Monday morning.

Pastor Mike and team went to Brenda's for today and helped her get through most of her things, get them bagged and stored. They were also able to minister to her, which is what the effort is all about.

This evening we all joined together in dinner and fellowship. It was an incredible evening and such a blessing for Monty and I. Tomorrow the New Jersey team will be flying home. This was their second trip in less than 2 months and we have grown quite attached to them and will really miss them!

Remember when I said the teams are praying --- they just pulled out the guitars and are singing praises as if it were Sunday morning!!!!!! What a blessing to be here and hearing it all!!!

PS Diane --- it was all I could do to mind my manners and not lick the chocolate from the plate!

Until tomorrow .... Susan and Monty

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Diane Jacobson said...

Susan, Manners!... you should have sent me the plate!!!!!!