Friday, November 10, 2006

Look at Delores now!

There she is, feeling like Miss America!

Delores called me this afternoon and asked me to come and see the final results on her house. If you have been reading along you remember the teams that came and helped her and thus became family. Over the past couple of weeks she has had teams from the Methodist church here locally. Just like the other teams, they came in, met her and fell in love with her and became family! Delores not only remembers each team and each team member by name, she has photos of each person and the work they did in her home. She has written story after story and thank you letter after thank you letter! It was so wonderful to visit with her, hear her stories, see the blessings flowing from her and just being able to see a home completed! You see, we did not see any of these homes before the storm! We don't know what they looked like with the families living in them. This was a special blessing to me - one I really needed today!

Delores is writing her "testimony" and I plan to use it on one of the blogs. For those of you who came and worked with her, teams from North Carolina, Colorado and Indiana --- you know who you are and these photos are for you! YOU are the reason she called me today! She wanted these photos to be published so YOU could see the results of what you started! YOU are the ones who shared not only your work, but your lives, with Tom and Delores and YOU changed their lives! On behalf of Convoy of Hope and ourselves, we are forever grateful for everything you did, and everything you continue to do! We hear how you keep in touch with Delores and we are the ones who get to see the smiles on her face each Sunday when she joins us in church to give all the thanks and praise to Jesus!

Hey y'all --- how about making a return trip asap?!

Now - back to our regularly scheduled programming .... we bid farewell to the team from New Jersey this afternoon. They finished up their work in both Wendell and Sharon's home and in Virgil's. Both teams made powerful impacts on the homeowners and will also join the ranks of "family" with both! We thank them for their hearts of service. We pray safe travel for all of them as they have a very long drive to get them back home!

Special note to Diane ----- call me tomorrow!!!!!

Until tomorrow ... when our team from Ohio arrives .... God bless ...... Susan and Monty

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