Thursday, November 09, 2006

The blessings of furniture

Today we were blessed with another semi load of furniture. The team started their day with the unloading of everything -- by hand! We now have complete bedroom sets and are anxious to see the faces of those blessed with receiving them.

Our deepest thanks goes to the places who donated the furniture, to the people who orchestrated all of the details in getting it here and to Convoy of Hope for being the backbbone of the project! This is a whole new venture in the relief effort and what an awesome one it is!

It only took the team a little over one hour to have the whole truck unloaded. They were a bit on the tired side but did a fantastic job.

After the unloading they headed out to their two on-going jobs. After a much needed stop at McDonald's for some nutrition. I think anything they had in the way of breakfast was used up by then!

The work at Wendell's continued and they have really accomplished alot. There are only a couple more small items to be tended to and their mission will be complete.

The work at Virgil's also continued. The sheetrock is nearly all hung and some of the taping has begun. Virgil's cousin, Anne, stopped by this afternoon to see the progress and was quite pleased. This house has been in the family for years and had never flooded! Seeing it getting put back together was a blessing for all of the family.

The comments from this team have echoed those of all the other teams - "we had no idea so much work still needed to be done!" As I have said before, we encourage you to email our Convoy representatives and ask for the FREE video telling about what has happened here on the coast and how the help is still needed. Just email them at and they will send you as many copies as you request, totally FREE of charge! It will touch your heart and hopefully the hearts of those God is still calling to come and help out.

Footnote: the tests being done on Monty's step father, Tony, are scheduled for next week. Things could get rough and we thank you for praying for Monty, Tony, his mother, Judy and their entire family. God is a healing God and we pray for that healing for Tony!

Until tomorrow .... Susan and Monty

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