Monday, November 13, 2006

Welcome Ohio (and James)

Here they are, Ohio men at work! They were up bright eyed and ready to go this morning. We also had a special "guest" volunteer working along with them today - James - the gentleman in the last photo. James is a member of the church here and took time from his own schedule to join in with this team and do some serving to others. He fit right in with Ohio and they all had fun working together, working for the Lord.

The team is, and will be all week, working in Jim and Cindy's home. They are just what we needed - God sending them in His perfect timing as usual. Two of them are experienced in electrical and that is exactly what they are doing in the home. Today was alot of running wire, installing new electrical boxes and generally trying to figure out the game plan for the week. Jim had taken the day off and was able to be right there with them, getting them whatever they needed in the way of materials. When we last left them late this afternoon, Cindy had just returned from the store. She brought back chips, candies and drinks for them all -- poor hard workers!!! :)

Our local electrician came by this morning to lay out what needed done. He knows all of the codes for this area and after having a pow wow with Art they were ready to roll. They really made alot of progress for the first day. We even brought in some sheetrock first thing this morning so if they get to it, it's there waiting for them. Jim and Cindy already purchased the insulation so they are set for the week! It's just such a wonderful blessing to have skilled volunteers, let alone ones who welcome the opportunity to teach those with them who might be less skilled. We are so thankful for James and welcome his help any day of the week!

This afternoon I returned to Mike and Faye's to pick up the paperwork they have been working on to try and be approved for a special loan. There were so many pages and they require so much documentation and Mike only has 3 more pieces of paper to gather and we will be ready to submit everything for approval. Please keep them in your prayers. Mike was going to the doctor this afternoon to see if the new surgical area has healed enough to start using it for his every other day dialysis treatments. He wasn't feeling all that well but was doing the best he can.

Monty and I also stopped in to see how Rosemary is coming along with her electrical work. It seems the electrician has all the materials inside the house and is scheduled to start work tomorrow. He says it will take him less than a week and we asked her to "push" him along as we plan on being in there next week to start insulation and sheetrock. Rosemary asked us to send her love and thanks to Pastor Mike, Jack, Sue and Trish from New Jersey!! She misses all of you so much! You changed her life in the week you spent with her! She is now sporting a new hairstyle and plans on meeting us here at church this Sunday. She is getting someone to come and care for her mother so she can be here! She is also going to meet me tomorrow to check on some of the furniture we have gotten in! She is a changed person, smiling all the time and said she now has "life" in her life! Miracles ... happening all the time ... due to the hearts of others stretching out to those in need! We thank the 4 of you from New Jersey and look forward to seeing you again --- real soon!!??

An exciting email came to us this evening. There are plans in the works for nearly 150 semi loads of furniture to be released here on the gulf! Some of the casinos have agreed to donate the furniture removed when they remodel! This is a HUGE blessing and we would ask for your prayers to help get all the wheels in motion to make it happen! Please remember Convoy of Hope and all those agencies who are working on this. The Lord has opened an enormous door and we need your prayers!

Don't forget to email for your FREE copy of the DVD Convoy put together. It's only 4 minutes long and will really open your eyes to some of the realities here on the coast, especially in our area. Just email and they will see that you get however many copies you would like to have.

Until tomorrow .... Susan and Monty

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