Friday, November 03, 2006

My new furry friends!

This was an extremely busy day, again! In the first photo you will see just how our day began. We pulled both our teams of volunteers to head to the warehouse and unload a semi full of furniture. This is the first of many loads that are being donated all along the coast, thanks to Convoy of Hope, as usual. We didn't know exactly what to expect but what we got was awesome! There were twin and full size mattress sets, frames, night stands, desks, lamps, entertainment centers, chairs and washing machines. There is another load scheduled to arrive early next week. We are so thankful for this furniture as it will be a blessing to so many people! The teams were wonderful, laughing as they unloaded, which really is a sign of working for the Lord!

From there we divided them into groups again. The group went back to Virgil's to continue working on his subflooring. They are making wonderful progress and the danger of falling through is getting less and less each day. They will be continuing tomorrow. Virgil was going to be pulling the electrical wire this evening which will enable us to keep going on the rebuilding.

The next group returned to Rosemary's house. They have completely transformed her house this week. All of her things are now bagged, boxed and stacked. Sue was even washing dishes and glassware! Rosemary did get some rather "tough" news late this afternoon. The inspector came by and discovered that her entire house must be rewired due to the fact that there is not a ground in the house. This will require all of the sheetrocked ceilings to be pulled down tomorrow. It's okay though, the inspectors know best and we follow them to the letter.

Yet another group returned to Charles and Lynne's house this afternoon. The team from California here last week blessed this family with a load of gravel to be placed in front of their home to take care of the mud and to create a driveway for them. The gravel was dumped and Pastor Mike and the three teens were ready to get to work spreading it. It would've taken them most of the afternoon except --- another of those God things ---- a man working nearby was working with a bobcat and volunteered to come and spread it all for them. They smiled as they watched him complete the project, which allowed them time for ministry to the family! One of the family members is really struggling with Christianity but he welcomed this team praying for him and was moved to tears in the end. God just moves and works in so many ways here, through the family members, through the volunteers and then -- most of all --- through the relationships between the family members and the volunteers!!!! Amazing!!!

Monty and I went to visit another home this afternoon. Project Recovery had called us saying this was an emergency case. They were right! Brenda has diabetes and is in danger of loosing a foot. She is not able to do anything and therefore her house is more than a mess! The bathroom is filled with black mold and she has no hot water. The storm damaged her roof allowing the flooding inside the home. For the past 14 months she has been living in the home, just as it is! Needless to say we will have some team members there tomorrow morning, helping get the place cleaned up so we can get in and assess the situation and see what direction we will take next. People like this are all over the place! She didn't want to ask for help, she was ashamed that she couldn't take care of her home since the storm. We hear it all the time. We see it everywhere! If only there were more of us, then we could get more and more of these lives on the road to recovery! I guess that's where YOU come in!!! Volunteers --- the keys to this disaster relief effort!

On a lighter note --- see our new furry friends? Yes, it's a VERY large raccoon on our patio table right in front of our trailer. I left an old bag of dogfood out there one evening and awoke in the middle of the night to see a pair of the biggest raccoons I have ever seen in my life enjoying dinner on the table. All they needed was a pair of candles and they would've been all set! I decided to see if this would continue --- and it has --- for the past week. This photo was taken last night. They will sit still when we step out the door --- and they are less than 4 feet from our door! It is a joy to wake in the middle of the night and peer out my window and see them out there enjoying a meal by moonlight! Maybe I'll join them some evening --- from a distance, of course! God's little highlight for me!

Until tomorrow .... Susan and Monty

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