Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Tornado warnings on the coast

Yes, we awoke to a tornado warning -- at 4:30AM!!! When the winds kick up down here it gets rather nasty rather quickly. And when the radar is solid red it's time for us to pack up the dogs and head out of our camper trailer and inside the church! It blew over - again and again throughout the day. There was a touchdown in the city less than 5 miles to our west where they said it damaged 10 homes but we are fine. This evening the winds are quite strong but hopefully the rain is gone.

Our Ohio men are really working wonders at Jim and Cindy's house. They are rewiring nearly the entire house, something it really did need. When you pull walls out of a home it can be amazing what you see underneath. When we talk with the teams about the rebuilding process we ask them to remember that we are rebuilding the house for Jesus and to always do their best. This team of three really took that to heart and are correcting things that a hired electrician would not have the time to do! We are so thankful for their talents and that they are using them to be such a wonderful blessing to this family! Jim himself had started putting in some of the insulation last night. Since he has had 5 heart bypasses we need him to take it easy yet enjoy and feel a part of the process. Once again this team has brought that renewed enthusiasm that so many homeowners need, that sense of hope returning and the light at the end of the tunnel. Rebuilding lives through rebuilding homes, as simple as that!

Monty and I went on the hunt for warehouse space today. With the Stardust out in Las Vegas releasing 150 semi loads of furniture over a 4 month period early next year we need some extra space, and quickly. We checked out a few leads and will see where they take us. This furniture release is only the beginning of what hopes to be another fantastic (and unexpected) branch of the relief effort. We were able to bless one family today with a bed combo, entertainment center, desk and lamps. If only you could be here to see the faces when they fully realize that there are no strings attached, that it is just given to show them the love of the Lord! Priceless!

If this rain will stop there will be even more people receiving those blessings! Pretty hard to haul furniture in a downpouring of rain!

We are getting really excited as we have a team from our hometown church, Vineyard, coming to spend next week with us! There may be 4 to 7 of them! It will be such a blessing to us since we will be away from our families for the Thanksgiving holiday!

We are also excited as another hometown church, Life Church, is organizing a toy drive for us. Bob and his son, Chris, came with a team and volunteered for a week this past summer. Bob was touched by what he saw and did that he went home and felt the call to organize this toy drive. We have no idea how many he has ended up with but even a few will be a wonderful blesssing for Christmas! He is planning on driving them here after the Thanksgiving holiday and we look forward to seeing him again! Delores is also excited as he and Chris did alot of the electrical in her house!

Speaking of Delores, Monty got to see how beautiful her home has turned out. We stopped by today to pick up a CD she put together for us and he agrees -- it's beautiful!!!! Bob will get to see for himself when he gets here as she is expecting him!!

Until tomorrow ..... Susan and Monty

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