Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Behind the scenes

There is so much that happens "behind the scenes" with this relief effort and today was one of those.

These photos explain some of it. Another Convoy of Hope truck arrived this afternoon with supplies. You can see it being unloaded and the crew of people it takes to organize and get out the food and supplies to those in need.

Pastor David is head of this sector of Assembly of God churches and today he found himself behind the forklift (until Monty arrived). It isn't easy unloading these trucks! The supplies may be on pallets but getting them out of the back of the truck and placed where they should be - without dropping them, takes some practice!

You can also see the women in charge of the food operation at Pastor David's church. Kaye runs the program (gray tshirt) and does a fantastic job. Having all the food and supplies organized as she does, making sure the entire place runs smoothly and the people's needs are met is quite an undertaking. They have been feeding more and more people lately, just another sign that this effort is not over and the need is still great!

Also shown in the photos is Leon, our new "doorman". There were a large amount of doors donated to us - without the jams. Leon and his wife are with the US Maps organization and also decided to come and donate their time, and talents, to the relief effort. Leon has taken it upon himself to organize all of the doors and arrange for the frames, which were delivered this afternoon also. He will soon be getting the jig that will enable him to cut out for the hinges and then we will be ready to hang some doors!

Both of these are just SOME of what goes on behind the scenes down here. It's all part of rebuilding the homes by rebuilding the lives! Feeding them, clothing them and housing them are the same ways Jesus reached the people while He was on the earth. He set the example for us - and then commanded that we do the same! It wasn't posed as a question to us, He didn't ask us if we had the time, He made it a priority and told us that when we care for the least of these we are directly caring for Him! I don't know about you but I don't want to deny Jesus by denying His children!

We once again thank Convoy of Hope for providing the supplies so desperately needed here on the coast! Please pray for this organization, pray that the help continues to come to them so they can continue to share with everyone who needs it.

Meanwhile, our Ohio team continues to work on the electrical at Jim and Cindy's. A couple of them spent most of the day up in their attic (thank goodness it was cloudy and around 70). They are making wonderful progress and are able to repair some things that needed repairing as they install the new. Cindy blessed them with a wonderful lunch today -- shrimp that Jim had grilled for them last night! I think they might be quite spoiled by the end of the week! They will continue tomorrow and will most likely be installing insulation. We are just so thankful that they are working so hard and yet building relationships with Jim and Cindy that will last a lifetime! Something about that relationship thing that God had planned for us all?!

PS I must share how happy I am that I have talked with both of my daughters in the past couple of days!!! Those of you at home know my joy and I thank you for your prayers!!!!

Until tomorrow .... Susan and Monty

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