Friday, November 24, 2006

Keith and his closets!!!!

We've teased Keith most of the week, all the work he gets himself in to seems to have to do with a closet! And those closets haven't been the largest ones we've seen either! :) Just try hanging sheetrock inside of a small closet, then try going back and mudding the thing! There isn't even room to turn around in most of them but he has been working away, all week, and getting them done! Yes, there have been times when he would love to have covered the entire closet opening with sheetrock and made it disappear but Rob stepped in (stilts and all) just in time!

As you can see, Monty got "completely" in the act today! Sanding has to be the least "favorite" thing to do when it comes to finishing. You can see why by just looking at Monty in the last left photo. No, he does not have on white gloves, that's nothing more than sheetrock mudd dust! Thus the reason for the mask! But that's what it takes to get a smooth seam and after all, we're building houses for Jesus so nothing but the best will do!

The team is still working away in Dane's and almost completely done with taping, thanks to Rob and the stilts so he can reach the top next to the ceilings. Also a tough job unless you know what you are doing! They had an awesome drying day today too. Temps again in the 70s and dry breezes, something a bit uncommon down here in the swamps.

I spent part of my afternoon at the warehouse having fun blessing alot of people from our church here with furniture. Four families came and now have a good start on actually furnishing their homes with beds and desks and dressers. We are so thankful to Convoy for arranging the deliveries of the furniture! I just wish they could see the faces of the people receiving the blessings!

We will be back working at Dane's all day tomorrow - the last day for our home team to be here. I can't even think about them leaving -- Pastor Dave --- can we PLEASE keep them? I know, their families are missing them but .... we love them so!!!!! Okay, we'll deal with that "sensitive" subject tomorrow!!!

Until then ...... God bless all of you!!! Susan and Monty

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