Monday, November 20, 2006

Home team hard at work!

Here they are, all hard at work. We are giving them a hard time, blaming them on the cold weather snap "they brought with them". The temps were down in the low 30s last night, today winds and only 54 but after another repeat day tomorrow it is to warm back up into the 70 range!

They were all up and ready to go this morning. Rob would have been out the door at sun-up if he would have known where it was he would be working! (He does construction for a living and is the top right photo).

You can see them each at work, like a finely tuned machine. Rob had their jobs all lined out after getting there and surveying the situation. Raetta (first left) is busy making a hand painted plaque for Rosemary. She is painting one of the blooms on her hybiscus, a beautiful flower still in bloom!

Rob (first right) is tearing out the kitchen. What a job, cabinets and all had to come out but he made quick business out of it.

Keith (middle left and making his third trip) is busy doing more sheetrock tearout on a higher up level. And he thought they came down to finish the sheetrock--that comes Wednesday at a new location!

Kevin and Steve (middle right) are complete with masks and tearing out insulation -- NOT a fun job but they had their gear and were getting it done.

Bob and Jolene (last left) are also busy and didn't even notice me taking photos. Bob is removing the nails on the old cabinets (safety first) and Jolene is cleaning up the mess!

As I said, they were working in sinc with each other and all making amazing progress. The electrician came and will also be pulling her permit and starting some major work. Due to that fact, after the rest of the tearout is done tomorrow the team will then be moving their work location to Dane's and yes Keith -- you will be finishing sheetrock! On Wednesday Steve, Raetta, Bob and Jolene will be leaving us and heading elsewhere for the holiday weekend. That will leave the three men to work at Dane's. (Dane's is the house that is raised and knicknamed the "high and lifted up" home). Dane was more than thrilled to learn we would be returning. We didn't tell him ahead of time so it was a great surprise. He was just informed by his insurance company that he has 180 days to bring his home to completion and so our help is another of those God-things again! God's timing is always perfect!!!

I had my meeting with the company we are trying to get a grant from for Mike and Faye. It looks as though all the paperwork was in order and I only need to get a couple more things from them and it will be ready to roll. The gentleman from ECD Hope seemed very positive and said he would get right on it and see if he could rush the project. I told him we still hope to "speed" build their new home sometime in January or February and that Joe, from the West Virginia team is heading up the entire construction process. ECD seems to be right on board so please keep them in your prayers. If this all comes about it will be the first of anything like this done here on the coast!

Monty and I also had the opportunity to meet Rosemary's mother this morning. What a wonderful lady who is bedridden and missing out on the process of her home. It may be for the best as it can be very unsettling to see all of your things destroyed. She was so extremely thankful for all the volunteers and wanted them to all know how she felt. It was a blessing to us to meet her.

We also were able to bless a couple more families with some furniture this afternoon. The update on what is coming also came by email. Seems there are over 700 rooms of furniture that we may be getting so the blessings will continue to spread! I would ask that this whole process by kept in your prayers. EVERYTHING we do down here is making history and this furniture is BIG! We know God will provide but also knowing you are praying for that provision helps alot!

Thank you for making history with us. Like I said yesterday, be sure and stay tuned as this week will be filled with many reasons for all of us to give thanks!

Special note to Joy (Rob's daughter), we are taking good care of your Daddy! Thanks to you and your mother for letting him come and spend some time with us! We love him almost as much as you!!

Until tomorrow ..... Susan and Monty

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