Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Doors and more doors

My favorite birds! I have seen more of them the past week than ever before, must be the season. The cranes are also returning. We tried to go to the bird sanctuary yesterday but found it closed due to construction. Another Katrina catastrophe, no doubt!

Today was a day with a bit more energy. It seems like everyone on the coast is sick in one way or another. Colds, sore throats, stomach pains ... you name it and someone has it. Back home we would blame it on the weather but down here ... I don't think so, not when it's in the upper 70s.

Our main project today involved being at the warehouse. Two more families were blessed with being able to get all the interior doors for their storm damaged homes. These aren't just any old doors that you can walk into Lowes and purchase from the shelves! Most of these are solid wood, red oak! They are so beautiful and the families realize the extra special blessing they are! It's such a joy to be able to see the smiles on their faces and know God has touched them with these blessings.

We also learned that a semi load of sheetrock is due to arrive early next week! The blessings continue to roll. All that sheetrock is in preparation for the new year. Prayers for teams are pouring forth from the coast! The month of December is more than bare, but we look at that as a good thing too. People can concentrate more on the birth of our Savior and have a bit more time to do so.

It was also great news to hear that our team that came from Mt. Vernon, Indiana is planning a return trip after the first of the year. Cecil called today and they are putting together the dates! We assured him that we WILL be right here, working away and awaiting their arrival! Goodness knows there will be plenty of work!

Convoy of Hope puts out a newsletter and I would like to quote from the latest issue: "There is a reason why Convoy of Hope is still working in the Gulf Coast. Even though the headlines have changed and the news has turned elsewhere, litter and debris still line the streets. Thousands of homes remain untouched since Katrina wrecked havoc -- the initial devastation compounded now by a year's worth of mold and infestation by rodents. Thousands of families are still displaced. Homeless. Helpless.

At the same time, hope is rising from the rubble! Ever since we began this "journey", we have watched in amazement as the caring compassion of our staff and thousands of volunteers has cut through come of the enormous pain wrought by the damaging storm. Convoy of Hope has been used to not only providing physical needs, but to mending mental and spiritual wounds as well. This is why we are still there! And it is why we intend to stay, with YOUR help, for as long as we are needed.

This Thanksgiving season, we are continuing our "God Cares" Outreaches to bring hope to the people of the Gulf Coast, to let them know that we do still care about their needs, that we will still be available to help them and that they have not been forgotten. PLEASE join us in this most important undertaking. YOUR neighbors on the Gulf Coast still need YOU! What will YOU do to show you STILL care?" (powerful and 100% truth)

Now would be a good time for YOU to think about putting together a team for after the first of the year. Vacations will be renewed and most likely it is colder where you are than here! You just can't get alot further south than right here! There probably won't be snow for Christmas here but you can bet it will still be Christmas! :)

Until tomorrow ..... Susan and Monty

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