Saturday, November 11, 2006

Welcome the Ohio Buckeyes

This little "critter" is something we see everywhere down here. This time of year they are out in the sun trying to soak up the warmth. I love to catch critters but know that this one has a built in defense mechanism- don't catch him by the tail or it will disconnect from the rest of his body and he will keep running. Their tail grows back -- still not a good idea! I caught this one (with the camera) as Monty was talking with a group of volunteers from the Methodist church relief effort here in town. They were working on a house just across the street from the one we were in last week. They were from Pennsylvania and also headed home this morning.

This was one of those weather days down here where we needed the air conditioning this morning and the heat by evening. When the winds blow from the north they bring in cooler and dryer air -- always a welcome change. But if you leave in shorts you may wish you had on your jeans before the day is over. Plus the time change has the sun going down at 5pm so it cools down a bit earlier than during the summer. It sure gets light early in the morning though -- makes for beautiful sunrises.

Monty and I worked in our "office" area in the back of church most of the day. We did some major reorganizing of our space and in doing so made it alot more "user friendly".

This evening we welcomed our incoming team for the week, from Ohio. There are 3 of them and we have just the house for them. Two of them are skilled in electrical work and the third in general areas of construction. They will be working in Cindy and Jim's house all week doing electrical, insulation and hanging sheetrock. As always, God sent us just exactly what we needed when we needed it. God's perfect timing again!

We heard from our New Jersey team and they arrived home safely this afternoon. It was a long drive but they made it. God sent special angels for them as they drove through the night!

Our California team leader called this afternoon to see how things are going. He said two of the men who came a couple of weeks ago went back home "on fire" and are now in Mexico rebuilding a school! What a blessing that will be, for everyone involved!

Tomorrow is our special day set aside to praise and worship the Lord. We are also invited to a church in the next city for a special music service tomorrow night. Sundays are so special to us as they are our refreshment for the week, our re-fueling and our chance to thank God for the blessing of being here. We always miss our church family at home on Sunday mornings but also have found a home here. The congregation grows each week and it's a blessing to see it growing. We hope you will be in your home church tomorrow and if you don't have a home church that you will check out one and see if it could become one for you. God designed each and every one of us for relationships and the most important relationship is our one with Him.

Thank you for following along with us on this mission of rebuilding lives through rebuilding homes. We thank you for your prayers and ask that you keep them going heavenward, we always need them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until tomorrow .... Susan and Monty

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