Monday, November 06, 2006

New Jersey's first day!

Here they are, ready for work. Didn't make any difference that they had to work between gully washer rain showers, they were hard at it.

The top 4 photos are taken at Wendell and Sharon's house. Believe it or not, we had a team way back in March that started some of the structural on their home. With both of them working full time, having 4 children and 1 of them in Iraq (he just came home last week) they just have not been able to get much done on their rebuilding. They are located only about a quarter of a mile from the gulf and lost everything in their home, along with their 4 vehicles. They rode out the storm in their attic, never dreaming the flood waters would rise so high. The waters stopped at the opening of the attic! This team came in today and decided to do some much needed clean up around the outside of the house. Wendell has been concentrating on the rebuilding and clean up just isn't something most homeowners have the time to do. They made a remarkable difference, which always boosts the moral of the homeowner. You can see in the one photo, someone stepped on a nail and needed some medical attention. He is fine, it barely penetrated the skin. As we tell each team - a clean job is a safe job! We thank them for all the clean up they did today. This evening they met with Wendell and have the plan layed out for tomorrows work.

The second half of the team worked in Virgil's home. We also learned today that Project Recovery found a FEMA trailer for Virgil's brother, Dwight. He should have moved into it today. Virgil still needed subfloor rebuilt in a room to the front of the home that used to be an outside porch. When they removed the rotten subfloor they discovered that all of the floor joist were also rotten from the flood waters. Virgil's house sits right next to a bayou. After some good ole' putting heads together the subfloor was rebuilt and ready to be included in the rest of the house. The rest of the team was busy installing insulation and hanging sheetrock. There are a few younger men (early 20's maybe) with this team and they were excited at the opportunity to learn some construction skills. They seemed to be doing a great job with the insulation and the sheetrock.

Ministry comes in all forms down here and each team brings something special with them. This team is no different. In photo, third from the top on the right side, the lady in the orange shirt (Susie) was soooo excited at the thought of working on a home right here in Gautier. Come to find out, her son just lives up the street and when she left him a couple of weeks ago she thought she would not get to see him until next February. God had other plans! Turns out Spence (her son) is experienced in construction and was happy to come and not only lend a hand but also bring his tools! Susie was thrilled to see him and is hoping this is the ministry opportunity she has been praying for when it comes to her son. He will be joining the team as much as possible and we are so thankful for his heart of service, and the fact that mother and son can work together on such a fantastic mission!

We heard from our truck driver this afternoon. The plan is for another semi load of furniture to be delivered to us this Thursday. We are so thankful to Convoy of Hope for putting together all the pieces of this puzzle to extend the relief operation into an entirely new rhelm. This furniture will be such an incredible blessing to each person who receives it! It's our prayer that the loads continue to come so the blessings will continue to be spread all along the coast.

I have a special prayer request this evening. Hopefully you remember the story of our neighbor ladies from back home, the one who fell and broke her hip a few months back. Frances is nearly 95 years old and had been in perfect health until her fall. She has since been through her therapy and made the move to be with family in Pittsburg. When I spoke with she and her daughter, Cynthia, yesterday it seems Frances took another light fall a couple of weeks ago. Her hip is fine but one of her ribs bruised a lung enough to cause it to fill with fluid and she had to spend a week in the hospital having the fluid drained. This has been extremely difficult for her and she is not doing well. Monty and I would really appreciate any and all prayers for her! We thank you for your warm and caring hearts.

Until tomorrow ..... Susan and Monty

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