Tuesday, November 21, 2006

"Mudd Pie" Birthday

There he is -- the Birthday Boy--- Kevin turned 42 today! He's the top left photo -- working hard isn't he!? You can see more of him in the bottom right photo helping Rob tear out more of Rosemary's house.

The top right photo is a treasure, I think! This is Rob with Rosemary! She became quite attached to him and I know he will always remember her. She trusted him so much and he had a way of reaching her in such wonderful compassion that she says she will be at church this Sunday! When it came time for them to leave her home this evening it was REALLY hard for them to part!

The next left photo is Keith hard at it in the electrical area. Right is Jolene cleaning the windows.

Next left is Steve pulling the firring strips from the ceiling and hoping they don't snap back in his face! The right photo shows Kevin really working, with Rob.

The last left photo shows Bob, bundled up in this mornings 31 degree temps and ready for work. This evening he's using an Icy Hot on some of the "new" muscles he's found!

Raetta took a day off of the jobsite today to work on a special gift for Rosemary. She had taken some photos of her hybiscus in bloom and planned on painting a picture for her. When she took them to have blown up to see the detail better the photos were so outstanding that she decided to frame them and give them as gifts. They were beautiful and Rosemary loved them!

This entire team has been so great in these past couple of days. For Monty and I personally it is renewing and like being home! With Rosemary there is a life long bond. She even called me this evening to say how happy she was to have worked with them and how sad she was that we are done in her home, for the time being, and that they would not be there tomorrow. She told me she would meet us at church Sunday morning! God at work --- once again!

It's just so amazing to see these friends, "family" from our home church working together, sitting together at dinner each evening in laughter and having such a great time bonding and becoming even closer to each other. When teams come down, even though they might all attend church together, they still don't know one another as well as they think! When you live and sleep and work with people on a 24/7 schedule you REALLY get to know them! This team is bonding stronger and stronger each day, all becoming even closer family members. This is the relationship that Jesus wants for each and every one of us!

We all enjoyed some true Cajun food for dinner this evening. Once again it's a time of sharing parts of each others day, laughter and family time around the table. Like I said, such a time of blessing for Monty and I that no one can truly understand unless you have been here with us over these past 10 months!

Tomorrow the team will be dividing themselves. Bob and Jolene are heading to Florida for the holiday. Steve and Raetta will be heading north to Alabama for the holiday. But first I will be taking Steve and Raetta on a tour where they can capture some video to take home. We will miss them when they leave. We pray for safe travel for all of them.

Rob, Keith and Kevin will be going to Dane's to start the finishing process on his sheetrocked walls. With the skill of this team I wouldn't be surprised if they completely finish his house and are ready for priming and painting. They are working through Saturday, although we will take some time on Thanksgiving to have a holiday meal.

We want to thank our home church for sending us this team, for sending their best! Thanks to Pastor Dave for everything he did to get them here and thanks to the rest of our family for continuing to support us as they have been!

Kevin says Hi to his daughter, Kristy. Keith says Hi to Karen and the boys (Jonathan -- we miss you), Rob says Hi to Candy and his daughter Joy! You all are so awesome for allowing us to spend our holiday with your loved ones!

Until tomorrow .... Susan and Monty

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