Friday, February 02, 2007

What a difference a day makes!

Yesterday Bitty was sick. Today Bitty is better.

Yesterday Samson (our other dog) was good. Today Samson is sick.

Yesterday Monty was feeling some better. Today he is not.

Yesterday Harry thought he was going to have to push his home of 45 years over and start over due to termite damage that was found. Today Harry learned that his contract with his pest control company was good. They took full responsibility and will be paying him for all new subfloors and floor joists.

Yesterday Rosemary's house was waiting for the final inspection so the sheetrock could begin. Today the sheetrock started with the ceilings.

Yesterday we had a family that had absolutely no money to rebuild. Today we learned they have had money waiting for them with an SBA loan. More than enough to rebuild.

Yesterday we were awaiting the pathology results on Monty's step father. Today we learned that they got all the cancer and he should be fine with only one kidney.

Yesterday I felt as though I had boot prints on the behind of my jeans from the devil kicking my behind over and over again. Today I felt as though God gave me a clean pair of jeans, His jeans.

Yesterday my parents had no idea what it was really like here on the coast with the relief effort. Today they have seen, they have been touched to their cores and they understand.

Yesterday it wasn't Tony's birthday. Today it was! Happy Birthday Tony! Thanks for sharing it with us.

The only thing constant and unchanging from yesterday to today is that God loved us then and he still loves us today!! Thanks be to God!

Until tomorrow .... Yea God, boo devil!! Susan and Monty

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