Monday, February 05, 2007

Goodbye Mom and Daddy

Yes, it was quite a Super Bowl!!!! I must admit watching it from here made me miss home and all the excitement which must still be going on!
We had our own Super Bowl get together and it was awesome! Tony and Shirley invited us to their place (they rented an apartment for the month they are here) as you can see by the photos. Monty was working with black and white photos with the one of me. My parents are showing off their Colts shirts (they brought us some also) as they snuggle in the chair, Tony and Shirley were celebrating their anniversary as they also snuggle in their chair. The group around the table was the big Scrabble game "playoff" that went on for quite some time with us women. We did watch the first half of the football game but changed to Scrabble at half time. My sides were hurting from all the laughter. If you see Diane be sure and ask her about "ting tang walla walla bing bang" for a real laugh!!!
It was wonderful to relax for an afternoon and evening with family and friends that have become family! We all want to thank Tony and Shirley for their hospitality!!!
The bottom photos were taken in New Orleans on Saturday. The homes you see here are just like the thousands upon thousands that look the same, or worse. We are still committed to making the move and taking the lessons God has taught us to a new level. God never calls any of us to a place where He hasn't already made the preparations and walked there Himself!
This morning it was time to say goodbye to my parents! You have NO idea just how hard it was to do so! I would like to have just kept them here. I have missed them more than they know, more than even I knew until they got here! I was blessed to grow up in a Christian household with parents who put their faith into actions and set the best example possible for myself and my brothers. Being here has made me realize, and appreciate that, even more. They are hoping to make it back in March when we have the speed build of Mike and Faye's house! It is my deepest prayer that they will do so!
Speaking of Mike and Faye --- Mike will be undergoing more surgery tomorrow. The amputation of his big toe wasn't enough. They will be returning to amputate the upper portion of his foot. He spent most of today in dialysis and therapy. The pain has really been a problem, even with medication. Faye is holding fast to prayer and knowing that there are so many of you out there praying with her is a big help. She hopes to get home this evening and sleep in her bed as the broken vertebrae in her mid back has been causing her discomfort also. I plan on going to the hospital tomorrow and sitting with her for awhile and will send her all your love.
Our Wisconsin team continued sheetrocking in Rosemary's house today. They worked on more ceilings and got alot done with the walls. They are doing some of the best work we have seen! Rosemary's brother will get a lift for them to continue with the ceilings in another day or so.
I have a special note for Hugh from the Rockford, Illinois team ---- your camera case will be mailed to you tomorrow!!
Thank you all for your continued support, prayers and love.
Until tomorrow .... Mom and Daddy --- I miss you already and LOVE YOU!!!!
Susan and Monty

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