Tuesday, February 06, 2007

It's 65 degrees!

Just a couple more photos taken in New Orleans. The boat isn't supposed to be there, especially not into the house and the pole! You can see the water line on the brick one. I only caught a bit of the ABC News this evening. It was being broadcast from there with the focus on hardly anything being done to get the rebuilding done.
This week we are still working with our Wisconsin team. By the end of the weekend we will be joined by more volunteers from New Richmond, Wisconsin. Could it be that they are trying to escape the severe cold? If that's the case I think the entire northern half of the country should be on their way here. Like I said, today was 65 with tomorrow to be nearer to 70.
My mother informed me it was zero when they stepped off the plane last night!!!! With snow on the way??? Monty and I have "climatized" and would literally freeze to death up there now!
The Wisconsin team was joined by Monty today. They are sheetrocking Rosemary's house, walls continuing to go up today. Tomorrow her brother, Maury, will be joining the team and providing a lift to better handle those 12' pieces of 5/8 inch for the ceiling. Those are very heavy and awkward to get from the floor to the ceiling. Monty agreed today that this team has done one of the best, if not THE best, jobs at hanging the sheetrock. And if you knew Monty's perfectionism you would appreciate that compliment even more! :)
I worked on more details with Mike and Faye's speed build. Joe now has the outside siding and all electrical donated. His own father will be making the trip, just to do the electrical. Joe also informed him that he would have 3 hours to get it all done --- yes, I said hours! You think I am kidding when I refer to it as a "speed" build!? The actual build will begin on Sunday morning, March 11 at 7:00 am. We will be opening with devotions and then "all systems GO". Be sure and stay tuned and don't forget those prayers!!
Mike had his second major surgery in a week this morning. Amputating the big toe wasn't enough so today they amputated the entire front half of his foot. I did get to see him when he returned to his room and he really looked good. He was eating lunch and enjoying every bite. He hadn't been able to eat since midnight last night and by 2:00pm today he was ready to eat anything they offered him! Faye had a horrible headache, due to stress no doubt. But she is in good spirits and helping us get things underway as best as she can. Whenever I give her a job to do I know it will get done!!!
We also have some new "parking lot" neighbors parked out back with us for the next couple of weeks. Two RVs working for Habitat for Humanity have joined us. The RV park for Habitat is full and thanks to Pastor Rick they are welcome to come here and hook up to the electrical and plumbing. I think they were worn out when they returned this evening as we didn't see anything out of them. Habitat has, and continues to do wonderful things here on the coast and we thank them for all they do.
We thank you for all you are doing to help also. May God bless all of you!
Until tomorrow .... Susan and Monty

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