Wednesday, February 21, 2007

He's back to work

They are a rather "motley" looking crew aren't they? But they were all back to work today, Matt right there with them.

The sort of top left photo is the crew at Rosemary's house. It doesn't take a microscope to see that they have been taping and mudding sheetrock all week. The white on the clothing sort of gives them away!

The top right photo caught the crew at Jim and Cindy's having lunch in her kitchen. They are also knee deep in sheetrock.

The last 2 photos are the men who have been tiling the floors at Dane's. They also have their fare share of mud on them, but this is tile mud and it requires some good old deep knee bends to get the job done.

All of them have done such a spectacular job all week long. There were a couple more of them in shorts this morning. They didn't even mind the rain showers that came in during the night. By this afternoon the clouds moved out and made way for some beautiful sunshine and even warmer temps. Tomorrow we are to be in the mid to high 70 degree range -- something that is going to make it even more difficult for this team to leave!

Monty and I went to visit another home this afternoon. We met James. The very top right photo is James's bedroom. James is still living in his home. I'm not sure I've seen a home as mold infested as his is. He was up high enough that the water didn't come inside from the bottom but his roof was severely damaged and it still has the "remants" of what was a FEMA tarp on top. It was pouring rain in the one upstairs bedroom, the ceiling had fallen in, the ceiling tiles have now become "one" with the flooring due to the deep black mold attaching them. This bedroom sits directly over top of the basement. The mold has grown clear through into the basement ceiling, turning it a bright green. Fortunately the basement is block walls and concrete floors, nothing has been decorated there. He has a 5 year old daughter that cannot visit him due to the mold and his health is sufferring also. Our first priority is to get James out of the home and into a FEMA trailer. This process is already underway as we speak. Next is to get some funding to purchase the materials for the roof, decking, tar paper and shingles. That step is also in progress. You might be asking yourself WHY he is in this shape after 18 months? Many reasons; divorce, helping others, working fulltime, trying to keep house payments going, being in an accident and breaking both an arm and a leg ... Get the picture? And then just not knowing where to turn, not having the time or the energy to look for help. It happens all the time, everywhere, on a daily basis around here. They are the ones who "fall between the cracks" and unless we step up and walk him through the processes he will remain in this condition. We are praying that some roofers come down with this next incoming team. If not, maybe the next team. Please join us in this prayer and pray for James and his entire situation. God works miracles all over the place down here and we are in need of yet another!

I don't have an update on our friend Joe and his mother. Please continue to pray for them and their family at this difficult and painful time.

Until tomorrow .... count your blessings and thank God for them. Susan and Monty

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