Wednesday, February 28, 2007

They're here and she's back ...

Our NC team just grew by 4 women as of this morning. Some had finals to complete, some had to get away from work but they all made it. Within an hour of arrival they were on the job working away at spreading hope and blessings. They are working at Melinda's helping her get her furniture and things cleaned -- 18 months after the storm! Ministry at its finest! Melinda was extra thrilled when she learned they would be here working through Saturday!

The work at Dane's and Rosemary's also continued at break neck speed. The tiling is completed at Dane's. They are working on finishing the grouting and sealing with 3 coats. It looks so nice, the shine looks like you are walking on water. At 10 feet in the air you just might be!

Rosemary should be primed and painted by the time this team leaves Sunday morning. Another amazing feat!

Diane also made it back this evening. Her trip was very long and not without incident. She was nearing Mobile, Alabama when they closed the interstate due to a fire in the median of the interstate. After being rerouted over 70 miles out of the way she finally made it back on her original route and here early evening. Please keep her in your prayers as she came back not feeling well. The cold, snowy wintery weather (along with a bunch of sick people) got to her and she needs some healing prayers.

Speaking of prayers, good news on the NC teams hometown. The little girl who was sick last night is doing much better, no contagious diseases! Thank you for your prayers.

Our friend Joe called this evening. It seems his mother is barely hanging on, still labored breathing. He had to end the call because she was having trouble. Please continue your prayers.

We also have another friend from home, Kevin. He is in a custody situation in regard to his young daughter and could also use some supportive prayers. He worships his little girl and everyone involved could use prayer.

I spent much of my days inside Lowes. We are getting things ready for the foundation work at Mike and Faye's next week. Trying to tie things together between here and WV can sure get interesting! To say the least!!!!

Thank you for the blessing of your prayers. Without them this mission could not happen!!

Until tomorrow .... Susan and Monty

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