Saturday, February 10, 2007

Mississippi Fisherman!?

Yes, here is Mississippi's newest fisherman!! And the rather large flounder caught today! They say some of the best fishing in the US is down here and we believe it.
All he had was a small, inexpensive pole with 10 pound line and it did quite well.
If you look in the background you can see one of the only rebuilt piers along the coast. All of them were destroyed and are a bit slow in coming back. This one is a really nice one and gives us hope that the others will return in time.
You wonder what we did with the flounder? Faye had the oven ready when we got there, she was ready to filet it and bake it for dinner. It was more than enough for the two of them. And yes --- Mike was released from the hospital this afternoon and had only been home for about an hour when we arrived. They were both soooo glad to be home and I am sure they will get a good nights sleep tonight. Faye had been staying on a roll away bed in Mike's room! He is getting along okay, using a walker and hopes to graduate to a cane before too long. The pain is still quite intense but we pray that will lessen in time. It was just good to see them both back home!
This evening was the big Mardi Gras parade here in Gautier. The colors, music, floats and beads being tossed out into the crowd sure brings the people to the streets! Last year it wasn't like it had been in past years but this year it was back -- and so were the people! I've never seen the so many things in the colors of purple, green and gold! It's just good to see the people out smiling and taking their minds off the "mess" for awhile.
Our team from New Richmond, Wisconsin arrived safely this evening. They flew into Gulfport, rented a car and were here before dinner time. They have made the usual trip to Walmart for supplies and are settled snug in their beds for the evening. They were all VERY glad to be out of the northern deep freeze and into sunshine and temps in the 60's.
Monty and I have another special prayer request tonight. Our dearest and best friend Joe, back in Indiana, is in need of prayer. His mother, who has been in a nursing home for many years, is now in the hospital with pneumonia. She already has lung problems and with this has been intubated to enable her to breathe. Joe has nearly single handedly cared for his mother for the past 17 plus years. He visits her atleast once each day, plays his guitar for her, sings for her and loves her beyond what some of us could imagine. Please keep them both in your prayers! God is the almighty healer and we put them both into His miraculous arms!
Until tomorrow ... God's blessings to all. Susan and Monty

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