Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Harry must make a decision

Yes, after the work done today Harry and his wife Ilone are faced with a very difficult decision. They were debating whether to rebuild their damaged home or tear it down and start over with another one. It's a tougher decision when you are retired and thought you were pretty much set for the rest of your time here in the house where you had raised all your children and had become the family home. Katrina came in and changed all that. Now you must decide if you take out a loan enough to rebuild or do you bite the bullet and completely rebuild? After the Indiana team got deeper into the tearing out of Harry's flooring they discovered the dreaded critters known as termites! And they hadn't started on this house last year. He found standing water under the home which made the floor joists nearly turn to dust when exposed. He is already faced with needing a completely new roof, electrical all newly run and plumbing. This just might have been enough to have him "get off the fence" and make a decision. Either way it's a tough one and a life changing one.
The Wisconsin 3 and Indiana 2 continued at Rosemary's house. The inspector finally showed up and as soon as the fire caulking is done (her brother is completing it tonight) they will be ready to start hanging sheetrock on the ceilings. The insulation was put in the walls today and they also finished the ceilings. We plan on moving some of the Indiana 4 from Harry's to Rosemary's tomorrow to help make an even larger impact. All of them were pretty "clogged up" this evening from working in the insulation, even with their snow suits!!
The bottom 2 photos were taken by our Illinois team that left this past Saturday morning and were nearly killed by this truck heading the wrong way on the interstate at a speed of 100mph! As you can see, God was truly protecting them and they are blessed to have made it through without a scratch on them or their vehicles or tool trailer! I want to thank George for the photos as they always put a new persective on things and bring them to reality even more.
Mike was moved from intensive care this afternoon, taken directly to dialysis and then into his room. I did not see him as he is too exhausted and needs his rest. Faye got a good nights sleep last night and was on her way to see him when I spoke with her. She thanks everyone for all their prayers.
Monty was up and around some today. The worst seems to be over, just gathering strength from now on. Bitty is still not eating but did get up a time or two and isn't vomiting so I don't think she will need to see the vet.
Monty's step father finds out the results from the pathology tests on his cancerous kidney that was removed a couple of weeks ago. Even though the doctors assured him all should be fine and that they were able to remove all of it the prayers would still be appreciated.
My parents arrived safely this evening. It wasn't without incident though. As they were trying to follow me to their hotel they managed to pull out in front of a vehicle and made the driver a bit unhappy ---- he was a policeman!!!! It didn't help when he asked them to roll down their window without realizing they were in a rental car and couldn't figure out how to get the window down. When they explained what they were doing here he "politely" warned them to be more careful and we were on our way!!! Oh those little tests in life!!!
All are bedded down safe and sound for the night and I think I should be thinking about doing the same. As always, we are so thankful for everyones prayers and support. Having volunteers here, taking time from their lives to bless others is what it's all about!
God bless all of you. Until tomorrow ..... Susan and Monty

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