Friday, February 02, 2007

All around town

We were all over the coast today. Trying to have my parents get a full understanding of everything here is next to impossible but we sure tried! We toured through Biloxi and into Gulfport and Pass Christian this morning before lunch. They discovered that seeing devastated building after devastated building just renders you speechless after awhile. In the past year that we have been here we see it as really cleaned up but they, seeing it for the first time, it's nearly too much, even now!
After lunch we headed into Pascagoula to check on the ongoing jobs. Harry found even more termite damage, this time finding the live ones. That required yet another phone call to his pest control company to make sure they fully follow up with his contract agreements. The Indiana team really accomplished so much this week! Everything that needed to be torn out is now out. The most important thing they accomplished was the work God sent them down here to do -- ministry! Both Harry and Ilone admitted that having them here was the first positive thing that has happened in the past 17 months! That is what this mission is all about! It's ministry first and building second! This team has even spent lunches with Harry and Ilone, a bond that will last a life time. Dallas is already doing everything he can to plan a return trip -- and he has suffered sooooo much with his asthma this week that he has been sleeping sitting up in chairs at night! What an example of service to our Lord!
Rosemary's house is really coming together. Maury admitted that he also is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. They were working so hard trying to get the sheetrock hung on the ceilings. They are working with 12' sheets which makes things a bit more "challenging"! They are doing fantastic and the entire house is looking like a house instead of a disaster. Combining Wisconsin with Indiana was awesome.
We were also able to stop by the church in Pascagoula where Monty and I first parked our camper. It was good for them to see something nearly completed. Seeing so much disaster can get to you after awhile. The church is looking so good. What a difference a year makes!
Tomorrow morning, quite early, our Indiana team will be heading home. We all will be praying for their safe travel. After last weeks near accident we hope all of you will join us in this prayer of safety. We have so enjoyed them all this week. The laughter has been wonderful and for those family members that are awaiting their arrival --- they will have stories that will last a lifetime! We thank you for sharing your family members with us this week! They not only built houses for Jesus, they built relationships that will carry them into heaven!
PS If you want to hear the best stories --- mention "the pole" and watch some faces turn red :)
Until tomorrow.....Blessed weekend to all. Susan and Monty

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