Monday, February 26, 2007

Worker bees from NC

Here they are, day one. There are 10 of them now with 4 more due to arrive Wednesday morning. They are divided between Dane and Rosemary's homes.
The first 3 photos, minus the group shot, are taken at Dane's. They are continuing the floor tile installation and in the one you can see Monty and Frank trying to decide just what to do with the built in dishwasher. The counter tops will need to be raised a bit to allow for the tile to go in and have enough room for the dishwasher. Just one of the challenges that arrise while on the job! You can also see a great example of "girl power" in the installing of the tile. She is having a blast but we'll see how well she is walking later this evening! :)
The second half of the team is working in Rosemary's doing all sorts of things. They are working on closing in the cabinet that houses the HVAC system, wrapping the windows with sheetrock, general cleaning and tackling the bathroom necessities. Like I said, busy bees for sure.
Before they started their day I think they were thoroughly convinced that they would run out of work before they ran out of week. After only a partial day they had changed their tune! It's the usual Monday with each new team. NOT getting done is one of the most difficult things for the teams to deal with. As a society, we are cultured to think we have not done our job successfully if it isn't completed. That is not the case here. But each of these homes gets closer each week and that is due to the love and hard work that each team does each week. One teams work sets the stage for the next and it just continues until the house is all done. Hearts of service and obedience and the wilingness to learn is all it takes to be successful.
We are thankful to every team who has come and volunteered their services and left a piece of their hearts with the people here!
Until tomorrow .... Susan and Monty

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burkinator said...

Hi, this is Kristen, one of the 4 girls arriving tomorrow AM. We'll call Frank when we leave this afternoon, but the plan is to stay in Montgomery Tues night and be to Gautier by 9 or 10 Wed AM. We're looking forward to it!