Sunday, February 18, 2007

Welcome Home Town Team

Our hometown team from Clear Creek Christian Church arrived safe and sound this evening, all 14 of them! It's one of the larger teams we have had this year and we are really glad to have "home" here with us for the week. Even though we might have never met them they are still "home" and when you this far away that's golden!

They will be quite busy this week. They will divide themselves into 3 groups working on 3 different jobs, well -- actually 4. Some will be going to Rosemary's to start finishing the sheetrock. Another group will be going to Jim and Cindy's to install insulation and hopefully start hanging sheetrock before the week is through. Yet another group will be going to Dane's to install his ceramic flooring. A few of them let the cat out of the bag that they have done ceramic flooring before so they were "elected" and Dane will be getting his flooring done. He was quite surprised when we called him this evening! Since tomorrow is a holiday Dane will be off work and right there with the men working. And of course, we will be sure and throw in a couple of surprises here and there just to keep them guessing! :)

This mornings church service was really "alive". Pastor Rick had an awesome message, one just for Monty and I. Did you ever think that we magnify what we meditate on?! What do you think our life would be like if we kept our eyes fixed on Jesus? What if we focused on the healer of our diseases instead of the disease? Alot of food for thought isn't it?

Think on those things as we are blessed to be starting a new week -- a week filled with blessings and surprises and with the promise that whatever we do, wherever we are -- Jesus will be with us -- He promised and He keeps His promises!!

Until tomorrow ..... Susan and Monty

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