Monday, February 12, 2007

They got sunshiny faces

There they are, all the cities of Wisconsin gathered together, enjoying the sunshine and warm temps and working away with the final cleanup at Mike and Faye's house.
Both Mike Jr. (shown with Monty) and Faye (in purple shirt with Shirley) joined right in and worked and worked and worked some more. Mike Sr. was there for awhile before he had to go to the hyperbaric chamber for therapy for his foot and leg. And then he came back after being at the hospital for 2 hours.
It was an absolutely beautiful day for our "snow birds" to be outside. By this evening each and every one of them had pink faces and some had some pink on top of those heads! And there were a few of them sporting some rather "unused" muscles to go along with it! The raking, shoveling, lifting, throwing, pulling of nails from lumber and overall bending and lifting had them working harder than if they would have spent a week at the local gym! But they will be up and ready to go again tomorrow.
The weather is forecast to take a turn during the night tonight. They are calling for a squall to come through with high winds and hail so we are doubtful that we will return to our outside work tomorrow. The plan is to return to Rosemary's and hang some more sheetrock. It's getting closer and closer to becoming a house with walls and ceilings.
This evening we all were guests at Jamie and Cindy's home for their homemade, real southern gumbo dinner. They are members here at The Refuge and try to invite each team over for a homecooked meal. Monty and I get to be "regulars" and love the gumbo. Tonight we also celebrated the day before birthday of one of their daughters, Elaine. It's such a wonderful blessing for the teams to be invited into someones home for great food and fellowship. We thank Jamie, Cindy and the girls for their warm and fantastic hospitality!
As I said, tonight could be a bit rough around here. Keep us in your prayers as living in a camper trailer in high winds and hail isn't exactly what one would call a "peaceful" nights sleep!
Until tomorrow .... Susan and Monty

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