Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"please don't leave"

Yes, here they are at one of their finest hours?! Tony and Shirley spent their last day with us today. I cannot believe that they have been here for over a month. In one sense it seems like only yesterday that they arrived and sat in front of our trailer introducing themselves and getting prepared for the work they might be doing. In yet another it seems like they have been here forever. Always here for devotions, no matter what. And the evenings where we had dinner together, laughing and sharing were wonderful. The Superbowl gathering at their place, just knowing they were here and would always work at whatever task they were given -- and would give it their all! I just can't say how much they will be missed!!! They will be heading to Pennsylvania to spend some time with family and we pray for their safe travel and that they might come back to see us again.

The entire Wisconsin team spent the day in Rosemary's house. The day was a bit delayed in getting started due to the pretty scary storms that blew through this morning. There were 2 tornado spottings but none touched down here. I don't think I have seen winds quite as strong as they were this morning. Some of the streets are still flooded this evening. Even Rosemary's brother, Maury, was delayed getting out this morning. We did evacuate all our Habitat For Humanity RV residents from the back and brought them inside the building for safety. It blew over, the sun came out and the temps were around 70 within a couple of hours. We will need to keep the folks in New Orleans in our prayers as they were hit hard and a woman lost her life to the storms that went through there.

Once the team headed out they got busy working and nearly have Rosemary's house completely sheetrocked. There are only a couple of areas to hang and the finishing will begin. From what I hear they all made quite a team and Pastor Curt enjoys keeping them all in song!? I think it has something to do with that "relationship" thing again! :)

We also want to remember the son of one of Darrell from our Wisconsin team. It seems the flu bug that had hit him prior to his dad coming here made a return - with vengence! They are running some blood tests to check things out and we pray he will be feeling better soon.

I also heard from my parents and they are under a winter storm warning. It has been "raining" ice all day and getting worse by the hour! We pray the temps will warm up and it will melt away soon.

We also heard from Dane this evening and it seems he did qualify for a small grant which will enable him to purchase the ceramic tile flooring he wants to put throughout his house. That is wonderful news as that is exactly what these grants are to be used for and it's nice to hear of someone who is benefiting from them.

A special note to Tony and Shirley's children and grandchildren --- THANK YOU for sharing your parents/grandparents with us over this past month. You are all blessed to have such God fearing, Christian leaders in your family. Treasure them, love them and let them know you do!

Until tomorrow .... Susan and Monty

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