Friday, February 23, 2007

They're sunburned

Yes, there are a few of them coming home sunburned! And they are thrilled!
Today was one of those days with God moving in so many directions it was nearly impossible to keep up with Him.
Your top 2 photos show 2 pieces of equipment that were DONATED to clear the land at Mike and Faye's house to prepare for foundation work. Yes, you read right, they were given to us for the day. Monty is on a trackhoe which he used the entire day taking down trees and then digging to who knows how deep to get the stumps and roots out! Our fantastic electrician, Art, was responsible for the donation of it. It's been quite some time since Monty got to operate heavy equipment and he enjoyed every minute of it! Oh yes --- that is David, the mission director, suspended up in the tree. He is tying it off with rope so they can pull it down as it is being attacked with the chain saw. They kept it from falling into the power lines! I was told David loved to climb trees and spent much of his childhood doing so. There's still some of that kid inside him!!!! We all should be so blessed as to keep a part of our childlike faith inside us!!
The gentleman on the John Deere ( Joe) donated not only his tractor with bucket and yard box but he donated himself right along with it! It was a team effort of equipment and one very full day that got the job done!
It just never ceases to amaze us as to how generous and wonderful God is when He puts His hand to something!
I spent part of the afternoon, along with Art, in a meeting with the building department of Pascagoula. We were on conference call with the builder (Joe) out in West Virginia making sure we are following all the rules and regulations of building their home. Even the building department head (Steve) is in amazement at God's working in this whole thing! Things are right on schedule and should be in complete compliance with the city.
Our 2 other teams of this team were still working away at Dane's and Rosemary's. You can see the amazing cross that they put in the hallway at Dane's. That is ceramic tile and will be a forever reminder of the love of God each time he walks down his hallway! What an amazing job these men did this week. Dane is nearly speechless, and if you knew Dane you would see how amazing that is! :) They also continued the mudding and sanding at Rosemary's. The entire house is ready for the incoming team from NC next week! It may take awhile some time in the shower this evening for one of the gentleman -- he had a "small" bit of sheetrock sanding dust sort of "adhered" to his face! :)
Another part of my afternoon was spent at the hospital. I received a call from Faye saying they were taking Mike into emergency surgery and planned to amputate even more of his foot! He has been is such severe pain the past couple of days, unable to eat and then vomiting. We immediately got the news out over different prayer chains and God once again reached in with His hand of healing. Mike is out of the hospital and feeling better. When they got him into surgery they discovered infection in his foot so they removed the packing and cleaned the area, closed it back up and sent him home! He will continue the hyperbaric treatments 5 days a week and hopefully the healing will now begin. Being a severe diabetic doesn't speed things but atleast now the infection has been removed. We thank you for all your prayers and ask that they continue.
As you can see, it was quite the busy day. The sun shone all day. The temps were back in the 70s and God was shining in all His glory! I've said it before and will continue to say it: Monty and I are so blessed to be here, to be working for our Lord, and to be working with all YOUR family members who you so generously share with us week by week! We thank you and pray God returns blessings to you and yours in ten and one hundred fold!
This hometown team will be heading home at 4:00am tomorrow. Needless to say we will be saying our goodbyes tonight! It will be most difficult. Having "home" here ministers to Monty and I even more than to the families where they have worked so diligently! We will miss them and we pray they will all return for another week whenever they are able! Please pray for their safety as they travel. It's nearly 14 hours on the road and we need to cover their vehicles with protection.
Until tomorrow ..... God bless! Susan and Monty

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Verla Verhagen said...

Hi Monty & Sue,
Remember me--Verla from WI. I was reading your blog--it's amazing to see God working. I hope to see ya'll in April. Christ the Rock is planning a trip & I've signed up!!
I'm excited to see you all again.
We getting hit w/ a blizzard this weekend. Whew! Tell everyone hello for me.
God Bless!!! Verla Verhagen