Saturday, February 17, 2007

Goodbye Wisconsin

Here they are, Leroy sporting his Flintstone shirt and Pastor Curt and Darrell all smiles. Yes, they left us very early this morning and are home with family once again this evening. We will miss them as will Maury and Rosemary. They did such a wonderful job completing the hanging of the sheetrock and having it ready for the finishing process hopefully this week! Enjoy your families and come back and see us again!

We also had 2 of our 3 Habitat for Humanity parking lot residents leave this afternoon. They were being relocated elsewhere but we hope to also meet up with them sometime in the future. We got used to having neighbors and it seems quite barren again. Although we hear that a couple of our month long volunteers will be returning to our back yard living in a couple of weeks. Greg and Pam, from South Dakota will be returning for the month of March and we look forward to having them back for the entire month! They will be more than busy and awesome blessings while they are here!

It seems the entire coastal community is rallying around Mardi Gras this weekend. There are parades in nearly every city. It's something new for us! "Fat Tuesday" is this Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday. Schools are closed for Monday and Tuesday along with numerous businesses. Like I said, it's something very new, and different, for us. I must say the colors of purple, green and gold are used in just about every capacity you can imagine.

Our hometown team will be heading out around 5AM tomorrow morning. We pray for safe travel and good weather for the nearly 800 miles they will be traveling. Atleast we can be certain that the weather here is quite ALOT warmer than what they have been experiencing over the past few weeks! It is forecast to be in the 60s with partial sunshine!!

Monty and I have a special prayer request this evening. You've heard about our dearest and best friend Joe and his mothers health issues. The doctors have put a pace maker in her chest to regulate her heartbeating. We pray this will take care of many of her health problems and improve her over all health in a miraculous way. Both she (Josephine) and Joe could use your prayers for strength, healing and support. Thank you. This is just another of those times where being so far from home is difficult.

Until tomorrow .... God's blessings to all. Please attend your local church tomorrow morning and thank God for all your blessings! Susan and Monty

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