Monday, February 19, 2007

They think it's summer!?

Men at work!
Even with the frosty start to the morning some of them were ready for shorts! The temps rising to above 65 encouraged them even more! With tomorrow expected to be above 70 and stay that way for the rest of the week it wouldn't make any difference what we had them doing -- they're just glad to be out of the cold!!
It was just so awesome for Monty and I to have 14 men from our hometown with us for devotions this morning. They have no idea just how much their being here ministers to the 2 of us! We hadn't even met them until they arrived last evening but that doesn't make any difference -- hometown is hometown! We thank their families for sharing them with us this week. You have blessed us more than you can know.
The top photo is their church bus -- hometown for us!
The next is my new hood "ornament" that I nearly acquired while at Jim and Cindy's. He is the neighborhood cat and seemed to enjoy the warmth of the engine coming through.
The next 2 are at Jim and Cindy's. They are super busy installing insulation and hanging sheetrock. Some of their walls were only torn out half way up due to the water level. This always adds an added "challenge" to those hanging. Matching the existing can be more difficult than hanging an entire piece. But they are doing a wonderful job and when I left they were still laughing and having fun -- that's what we like to hear.
The following 2 are at Dane's. He is getting his tile flooring installed. They were mixing the cement, snapping chaulk lines and mastering the wet saw (minus its plug) and getting the job done. Dane was off work today due to the holiday so he was there to see it all happening and was more than pleased. He has wanted this tile from day one and is so happy to see it finally coming out like he had pictured in his mind.
The final 2 are at Rosemary's. The were in sheetrock mud up to their elbows and finding themselves literally stretched into positions they might not have been in quite some time! Working with that finishing process can be challenging and it takes patience to work with the mud itself. They are rising to the occasion and making excellent progress for the first day!
I have no doubt that most of them might be a bit on the tired side by the time they get back this evening! They mentioned needing a trip to Super Walmart and finding someplace in that vicinity to eat dinner. It's always interesting to see men shopping on their own -- without women helping them!!?? Wives, if only you had a video camera!!! :)
I must say this team came prepared! A room full of tools and food that looks like it could last them 3 weeks! That's the way we like to see a team come in! I doubt the food will last that long though --- it seems to disappear during the night to the "snackers".
Once again, thank you to the family members of this team! We are so glad they are here and it's going to be an awesome week. Be sure and stay tuned, you won't want to miss a thing!
Until tomorrow .... Susan and Monty

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