Sunday, February 25, 2007

Late night blessing

Last night at 11:33 pm (to be exact) Faye's brother received a phone call telling him he had to get to the Mobile, Alabama hospital because his donated kidney was on its way. He had been on the donor listing for 3 years! We are happy to report he is doing very well today, doctors pumping him full of fluids and waiting on urination to pronounce it a success! Yes, both Faye's husband and brother have kidney failure. And her mother passes away from it! How much can one woman bear? With God holding her up you would be amazed! She was at church this morning and happy to come to the altar when Pastor Rick said God gave him a word that someone in the congregation needed prayer for kidneys. Another of those God-thing moments!

Our NC team took off after church for an afternoon of traveling along the coast, heading west. They will most likely be speechless when they return, just like the other thousands upon thousands that have made that same trip.

They are following in the footsteps of so many volunteers who come to help. They are antsy, anxious, filled with thousands of questions and ready to rebuild the coast in an afternoon. What they don't know is that by the end of their week here they will have changed lives forever, both those whom they have touched here and their own. It is our prayer that they take these "heart moments" back home with them, share them with their families, friends, neighbors, church members and everyone they meet. This is ministry. This is following Jesus!

Some of you have asked Monty and I if we are thinking of coming home since our year commitment has come and gone. You might wonder why we would still be here, why would we be agreeing to relocate into the heart of the 9th ward of New Orleans in a few months? Our answer is simple -- where else would we be? How could we sit at home in our recliners when there are so many people hurting and needing help? We are living a dream, following God's call on your life is exactly that -- living a dream. This calling has the ability to save lives -- both physically, emotionally and spiritually. It's NOT Monty and I that are doing this --- it's GOD and only GOD! It is He that is working through us, and through all the volunteers who come to help! This is real, this isn't something you see on TV, it's real life, it's real service, it's real miracles --- all on a daily basis. Once again we both would like to thank ALL who have come here to be God's hands and feet, all who have become an extension of our family, all who have followed Jesus and walked among the hurting as He did! May God bless all of you!

Until tomorrow -- where we have the chance to get up and do it all over again --- and change the world --- into a better place! Susan and Monty

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