Tuesday, February 20, 2007

One man up -- one man down

Yes, they brought out their shorts, enjoyed the sunshine and went to work. All but one, Matt. He is down for the count, seemingly with the flu bug. You can see how he spent the morning before we sent him back to bed in his room to sleep for the rest of the day. Please keep him in your prayers!
The gentleman on the right is Michael. We received a phone call about Michael and his wife, Roseann last week and went to pay them a visit. They have most of their house done on the inside but the winds from the storm had blown the concrete covering off the top of their chimney. Michael had done the mortaring but was unable to lift the cement back on top. We took part of the team and within a few minutes had the job done. Michael was speechless at the idea that we just "went around helping people?" When the job was done we all circled up in prayer for Michael, praying he will continue his search for the Lord and that the Lord will touch him as only the Lord can do. God bless you Michael.
When we left Michael's we headed to Mike and Faye's old house. As of this afternoon, it looks as though there was never a house there. The lot looks like it was swept clean, down to using a broom! The men did a fantastic job and it is ready for Joe to come in this weekend and start the foundation work! As usual, Mike Jr. and Faye were right there working with the team! I think they all enjoyed having lunch together also! The team wants to come back Friday afternoon and help in the foundation work! Could it be that it touched their hearts??!! For sure!!
The next 2 photos were at Dane's house. They continued the amazing work of laying the ceramic tile. When we were there late morning they nearly had the master bedroom and bath completely down. They were working their way down the hallway. They plan to go back and grout those areas before continuing on. That is, if Lowes gets the grout in stock asap. You can judge what most of the city is doing by what Lowes is running out of. In case you haven't met him, Dane is the man in the red shirt. He stopped by on his lunch break and was all smiles!
Our sheetrock finishing crew is running on high speed. They are making amazing progress at Rosemary's and just might be priming before the week is done. They are working together like a spiritual machine. (Don't tell them but I think the music is helping) :)
Last night I mentioned praying for our best friend, Joe, and his ailing mother. From the report today she isn't doing well at all. The entire family could really use some extra strong prayers right now, and probably for the next few days. This is an extremely difficult time for all of them and we just pray they will be surrounded with God's peace and love. Thank you for joining with us in that prayer!
Until tomorrow .... We love all y'all and thank you for coming along with us on this adventure of a lifetime! Susan and Monty

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