Saturday, February 03, 2007

So long Indiana, Hello New Orleans

This photo was taken yesterday at Rosemary's house. Dallas is talking with my parents (and enjoying his donut at the same time)!!

Very early this morning (while I was still sleeping) our Bedford, Indiana team headed for home. They planned on taking a different route than the one that brought them here. They were to head west toward New Orleans and take in the sights there before heading north toward home. We pray they are nearly there by now, safe and sound and ready to enjoy a night back in their own comfortable beds. We will miss them this next week and hope they will be coming back as soon as possible!

We also took the day and traveled to New Orleans. We wanted my parents to see what had happened over there. This would hopefully help them see the whole picture and not be quite so afraid for us when we transfer over there in May. Yes, you read correctly. It appears that we will be relocated to the 9th ward in New Orleans sometime early May. Although we know that this is what God has been teaching and preparing us for it is still a bit unsettling for my parents. I don't know if seeing it helped or not. I do know they were astounded, speechless and heartbroken at what they saw. We did take some time to walk around the French Quarter just to see that they city is alive in some way and not a ghost town. Like I said, we know this is the direction God has us going and know that we will be protected by His covering. Your prayers will not only affirm that for us but will be a great help to my parents and no doubt Monty's parents also.

I hope to have some more photos of that city on tomorrow's blogspot. I think you will then understand why some disaster relief organizations have a 10 year rebuild plan.

Until tomorrow, GO COLTS!!!! Blessings to all. Susan and Monty

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