Wednesday, February 07, 2007

T shirt kind of day

It was one of those days that you wait all winter for. Sunshine, clear blue skies and temps nearing the 70 degree mark! The kind you just can't stay inside for.

Yes, I realize the northern folks are not "quite" this warm. Hey --- how about heading south? Now would be a great time to come and do some volunteer work! :)

Monty joined the Wisconsin team for another day of hanging sheetrock. The ceilings are tough but Rosemary's brother, Maury, got a lift for them and it makes a world of difference. Maury also joined in with the team. At the end of today there is only one room needing ceiling sheetrock! Many hands make light work! They have done such an amazing job and we are so pleased to see the hope and life in Maury's face. He is doing all he can to make sure his sister and mother get back into their home. As I said before, he doesn't even have a home at this point. His was destroyed but he has made the choice to rebuild theirs before his own! Puts a whole new definition to sacrifice!

My day was filled with meetings, homework and paperwork. It required more inside time than I wanted but it felt good to have the time to get things accomplished. Our classes in missionary training have quite alot of homework but we are getting it done. Continue to pray for us as it's been way longer than I will admit since I have done homework!

I stopped by the hospital to check on Mike. He had just returned to his room after 5 hours of dialysis and then another 2 hours in the hyperbaric chamber. The chamber is to hasten the healing of his amputated foot. He looked better than I have seen him in quite some time. He has already managed to win the hearts of the hospital staff and all are excited about the building of their new home next month. They all agree that this family deserves every single blessing that God showers upon them!

Until tomorrow .... keep warm and thank God for all your blessings! Susan and Monty

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