Friday, February 23, 2007

We tied the record high temp

Yes, the northern guys would really like to find a way to take some of this warmth back to Indiana when they leave Saturday morning. But it also sounds like some rather rough weather will be coming in here about the time they return home. You just never know how things will go when you are this close to the gulf.

Today we topped the record high at 75 degrees and full sunshine! It was awesome!

The entire team was up and having devotions before 7:00 am this morning. They wanted to get an early start as they were working till 1:00 pm and then heading to New Orleans for the afternoon and evening. We always encourage teams to do some traveling to our west to really get a full sense of the damage that was done by the storm. Even after nearly 18 months to the day it will still leave you speechless. I have not seen the men since they returned but Monty is in with them now and I can only imagine their versions of what they experienced!

The crew in Jim and Cindy's house finished hanging the sheetrock today. There are still some structural changes that Jim wants to make so we could only do so much until they are ready for us again. They did a wonderful job, some of the best sheetrock hanging we have seen!

The men laying floor tile at Dane's are now grouting what they had already put down. They cross they put in the hallway is stunning! They will be returning tomorrow to clean the grout and get the first coat of sealer on what is already down. The incoming team from NC who will be here next week will be picking up where these men left off.

At Rosemary's they are nearly complete with the finishing of the sheetrock. They still have work for tomorrow and the NC team will also be going in and following up with priming, painting and hanging of doors. And just like the rest of the team, this work is great! Too bad we can't keep this entire team for awhile longer --- I think I say that each week and God always sends us another great team and the process repeats itself! One of those "God things" for certain!

Our builder for Mike and Faye's house, Joe, was going to fly in tomorrow for some preliminary ground work but had a change of plans. He is changing the way the foundation will be done and didn't need to make the trip. Instead of pouring for footers he will be making pylons from treated lumber. It's alot more cost effective and takes less time. Monty will be at the site tomorrow doing some tree removal and ground clean up. Our electrician, Art, has been kind enough to find someone to donate a trackhoe for our use tomorrow so alot will get done. Monty is an equipment operator and is really looking forward to "working" (playing??) :)
Everything else for their home is coming together. We have a meeting with the city building official tomorrow and Joe will join us via speaker phone. Isn't technology wonderful when you need it!

Monty and I attended our mission class this evening and as always, we had the pleasure of listening to a couple who spent 20 years in the mission field and shared some of their knowledge. Even though we drive an hour each way to attend these classes the time just flies by and we are learning such wonderful and valuable information. And we're getting better at the homework also!!??

PS A note to Jeremy's PO ---- he's an amazing young man and we thank you for making it possible for him to be here with us. God is sending him back home a different and improved man!!

Until tomorrow ... don't forget your prayers! Susan and Monty

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