Friday, October 30, 2009

And they're all gone - for now

It's amazing that today is already Friday!
Last night the "winds of change" blew through with a vengence and dropped massive amounts of rain with winds in excess of 50 mph but all were up and on the jobs this morning. All except our PDA team from Pennsylvania who had to head home yesterday. You can see them in the above photo. We were blessed to have them here and so were the homeowners who received the results of their love and service.
Today all 4 homes continued transforming. Iowa finished the gutting and cleaning of David's kitchen and family room. This team is the "queen of clean" -- just what David needed. They found canned food in his cabinets that had expired in 1995 -- the results of living alone and being 98 years old! David had surgery on his leg to remove the blood clots, was dismissed and went to stay with his son for some healing time. The team was awesome and David is thrilled with the changes already and the rebuilding hasn't even started.
The other half of Iowa continued working in Logan and Jayne's house. Her bedroom walls are now complete, the bath flooring and vanities are in and the kitchen cabinets are installed. Next week we will continue with further gutting of the other half of the home and start rebuilding it. We will also be reinstalling the insulation underneath the mobile home and putting the protective plastic over it all.
The work continued on both Hsilda and Robert's homes. Robert is nearly all painted and most of the trim work is in. The team purchased a nice bath cabinet to replace the old rather delapidated one that was in there. Lights are hanging, ceiling fans are in and smoke detectors are installed. Hsilda's new archway is nearly all finished and ready for priming and painting. Next week we will be framing in closets in the bedrooms and continuing the inside work while also finishing their deck and railing.
We also have some wonderful news --- the power company came and turned on the power!!!!! Our prayers are answered!!!! Next week we will install the ceramic tile in the last room, add the trim and be doing a House Blessing toward the end of the week! They are so excited and I feel like it's my own home that is ready!!!! Thank you Lord!!!
A quick stop to Martha and Steven was also on todays schedule. We needed to let them know a team will be coming in next week to start refinishing their wooden walls and ceilings. Martha was thrilled and sent us out with an amazing hug of thankfulness!
We've had one of the busiest weeks in a long time and it's been one of the most productive also. Next weeks schedule is even busier -- 40 some volunteers divided into 7 teams working in 7 different homes! If I don't be careful I am certain I will meet myself coming and going between all of them!
Our sincere thanks to all the teams from this week! It is especially difficult for Monty and I to say goodbye to our Iowa family! They treated us to dinner last night and it felt so good to laugh and be loved! We will miss them more than they know but also know that they will be back. We are working on getting Mike to return to build and install some cabinets in Art's house in a couple of weeks!!!!
Thanks to all of you who keep us in your prayers. Those prayers keep us standing upright and going forward.
If you need some specifics to pray for -- our camper trailer has sprung a couple three leaks and when Monty looked at the roof this evening it isn't good news! Repairing these roofs is more than difficult so we will need to make a trip to the local RV shop and get some further info. In the meantime we could use some extended time without rain!
We hope all of you have a great weekend and will rejoin us next week when God will once again be sending blessings out throughout the community of San Leon!
Until then . . . be blessed and bless someone else! Susan and Monty

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