Monday, October 26, 2009

Surprise and Wet Monday

You can see by the photos we have quite the number of volunteers this week! And early this morning we received the phone call saying we had one more team than we had planned on!!! It's those kind of calls that could send one over the edge unless you have run as many teams as we have over the years. :) Just send them on with the others and we'll take it from there.
The Presbytarians came with 2 teams, one from here in Texas and one from Pennsylvania. We just combined them into one and it worked great.
Our other team is our family team from Iowa. It's always great to see them and they came in with enough enthusiasm for all of us and then some! Their chant while in the huddle was just great!
The rains came pouring while we were in orientation this morning and didn't stop the entire day! The water, the mud, more water and more mud -- our clothing is soaked but we had a great time.
We have started 4 new homes this week. What a start!
The PDA team is working on both Hsilda and Robert's houses. They are framing in a bedroom, sheetrocking, painting and anything in between.
Iowa is working on Jayne and Logan's and also David, our 98 year old. They are also sheetrocking, cleaning, gutting and yes, you can see Jimmy in one photo holding on to the pipe that got behind the sheetrock they were gutting and broke. Water outside and water inside! No problem -- a trip to Lowes and it was all fixed.
That trip to Lowes ended up in about 3 trips ( I think) as the day continued on way past 6pm this evening. Preparing for tomorrow - and we are now ready! Iowa was still working at 6pm but some were a bit tired around the edges! :)
All the homeowners are so excited that their "number" finally came up and they are getting help. With both teams totalling near 35 we are spread out enough to make an impact and get some good things done!
Be sure and stay tuned as it will be more than busy this week and I can see God smiling -- through the rain clouds of course!!
Until next time . . . be blessed to bless someone else! Susan and Monty

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