Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Still Gutting!

Meet Martha and Steven. I stopped by today to drop off some towels and kitchen things that had been donated and they were thrilled when I asked if I could take their picture. They said they didn't have a photo of the two of them, the hurricane destroyed all their pictures! I promised I would print a couple of them out and bring them back for them.
Today started with our weekly UMCOR meeting. Receipts get turned in, incoming teams get reviewed and all sorts of catch-up business gets done in the shortest amount of time possible. Keeping up with all the incoming teams and their skills isn't a small feat.
From there we headed back to Dickinson to review the gutting of Ms Carol's home. It's not a complete gut so we wanted to make sure we were all on the same page as to what to gut and what to leave. She will be moving in with one of her daughters while the rebuildin takes place. Our incoming team for this Friday and Saturday will be working on her home and should get all the gutting done along with helping her take her things and put them in a local storage.
It was then off to meet Art at Home Depot to get the flooring for his house. The incoming team on Monday will be going there to install all the floors. Art chose a vinyl that looks exactly like laminate and is more than durable. We even managed to get it all loaded in the back of his truck. He's so excited to see the end result and then move on to cabinets and kitchen completion.
I then had some donations to drop off. First to Martha and Steven and then some donated baby blankets to another recovery organization here in town. They were thrilled to get them and will have them out into the community within days.
Our team of Presbytarians were making quite the progress this morning at Archie and Nina's. Not only do they have all the sheetrock hung but they also got the first tape coat on. While waiting for it to dry they packed up and headed off to Mariano's to get all the light fixtures hung and the gas line to the stove completed. They don't let any grass grow under their feet!
And that brings us to the end of our day where I wait to hear from our next door neighbor at home in Indiana. If you remember I mentioned that my youngest daughter was moving back home from Boston. Well, after only a few days she found the heat and the water heater not working! Some welcome home! The heat turned out to be something simple but no so with the water heater. It's a gas heater and we have always had problems with the pilot going out. Seems it's never been vented correctly and we might be forced to change it to electric. Things like this are twice as difficult to deal with when we don't live there. We are dependant (and more than thankful) for our neighbor to handle things. I imagine my daughter is more than tired of the "cool" showers, especially since they are having cooler than normal temps right now!
We will wait and then see what needs done. In the meantime, tomorrow is another day with nearly each hour scheduled. More houses to look at, more to add to the waiting list and with prayers we will get to each one -- one at a time!
Until then . . . be blessed and be a blessing! Susan and Monty

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