Thursday, October 22, 2009

Almost a washout!

When the weather alert radio siren goes off around 5am it can make the start of the day quite "interesting" to say the least!
The remains of hurricane Rick came through all during the night last night and into the mid morning today. He came in with a vengence! Some areas got over 5 inches of rain and we had streets flooded and quite the mess.
Marilyn's team had to deal with water coming into the church so their morning consisted of mopping and sopping and laundry!
By noon it had blown through and now some record low temps are forecast for the next few nights with a high tomorrow of 65 -- yes -- a high!! I am soooooo ready!!!!!!
At 12:30 our next team arrived and had also had quite the experience driving through all the morning rains just to get here! There are 24 of them and they have quite the task ahead of them! They are gutting Ms Verlis's home -- and will be there for the next couple of days! This family has been "living" in this home and I have no idea how they have done it! They will remain living there as we gut it and start the rebuilding process. Pray for them!
The team started in and within 2 hours called to say the 30 yard dumpster would be full by the end of the day. I promised that it would be removed and an empty one delivered tomorrow morning.
Marilyn's team made it back to Mariano and Maria's after lunch and started in with the challenge of cutting interior doors to fit and getting them hung. They now have the hang of it and are doing great. The rest of the team is touching up painting and really making it look awesome. The back bedroom is now primed and will be painted tomorrow. Yami is really excited as that is her room and the last to get done!
Monty and I made yet another trip to Lowes to finalize the purchasing of materials for the incoming teams next week. We have to build a small deck with steps at Robert's as now you step inside the home using an upside down bucket! Not the safest in the world!
Tomorrow morning we will be welcoming our 3rd incoming team for the week. And we will be using some of the skilled electricians from todays incoming team to work in a home south of here and in Martha's to start rewiring. It will be a day where team members are all over the place at all different times but it will be an awesome day! Keeping up with them will be a fun challenge!
Make sure you stay tuned.
Until then . . . be blessed and bless someone else! Susan and Monty

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