Friday, October 09, 2009

And the weather changed

The team blessing Mariano's family yesterday. Check out that awesome deck! All we need is the railing and it will be the meeting place for the neighborhood and family!

Yes, we still need the cover for the attic -- waiting on the final electric!

Monty and I have been a bit of everywhere today. The day started with its intense heat and humidity. We kept an eye on the forecast for the cool front that was supposed to come blasting in! And blast it did!

By noon we had over 60 mph winds and rain that made driving quite the challenge, especially as we crossed over one of the high in the sky bridges! It didn't last long and it did bring in the cooler weather -- Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A trip to Lowes allowed us to close the case for Teresa and Butch. He was able to get the final bits and pieces of the materials needed to finish their home. As we left he had quite the smile on his face! AND -- he has volunteered his services to help others! AND -- since he knows electric we plan on using him asap!

After navigating our way through the storms we made our appointment to see Ralph and Laura. We met this couple many, many months ago when we sent a team to help them gut their home. It was amazing to go inside and see all the work they have done! They are in the finishing stages of their sheetrock and need some help getting the last things done. Ralph himself will put together the estimate for us and we will be able to bring in teams and hopefully have them back home in a short amount of time! Sure was good to see them again!

And then our travels took us to Carol's house. She is in line to be rebuilt but certain rooms still need to be gutted out. She is fortunate as her son has asked her to come and move in with him while the rebuilding process is going on. It is our goal to take our incoming team for next Friday and Saturday and have them gut the rooms needed and have it all ready for rebuiling. The team is supposed to number around 16 so we should have more than enough. Carol was so excited as she has waited a long time. As she and Monty got into their conversation about God's timing and His plan it was amazing to me to watch the Lord move between the both of them! And of course, Monty prayed over her before we left. She was shedding tears of joy as we pulled from the driveway!

Tomorrow we welcome another local team who will be coming to work for the day. They will be thrilled to know their jobs will have them outside in this cooler weather! And I know God has some special blessings awaiting each of them!

Until next time . . . be blessed and be a blessing. Susan and Monty

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