Monday, November 02, 2009

Nearly 50 Strong

Morning orientation had nearly 50, I lost count, and then later in the day even more came in. I still don't have an exact count and it really doesn't matter. They all joined in together and are rotating between homes depending on their skills. Each home I visited I found more and more. Don't need names - they are just plain awesome!

Once again we have a combination of Methodist from Baltimore and Presbytarian from all over the place, Arizona and Oregon just to name a couple.

Our Baltimore team is starting a new job -- cleanup of Mel and Billie's place in preparation for some rebuilding to come. The dumpster arrived and was full before the afternoon was finished. They came in and when they got started they didn't quit. They even managed to bring down a quite large tree that was in danger of falling on their home! I am guessing that all of them will sleep very sound tonight!

The Presbytarians are spread between 6 different homes. Yes -- doing the math shows that we are running 7 homes this week - I did meet myself coming and going already today! I didn't look bad for a Monday! :)

The homeowners being blessed this week are: Steven and Martha, Mariano and Maria, Art, George and Hsilda, Robert and Janey and Logan. You name it and it's going on. All the way from cleaning out and reinsulating the underneath of Janey and Logan's mobile home to putting the last and final touches on Mariano and Maria's home.

YES -- you read correctly -- THIS Friday at 4:30pm we will be having the official House Blessing for Mariano and Maria's house!!! Praise the Lord! The team is tiling the bedroom floor and touching up last minute things in preparation for the celebration! If you are a team member that worked on their home -- we thank you! We are in the final stretch and it's looking great! All are excited and each team member here this week will be attending the Blessing!

What a week we have in store for us! The homeowners are thrilled and blessed and some nearly speechless! Another week of God's hands and feet in visible action!

A note about the top photo -- Jimmy from Iowa with his newly decorated stilts! Each tool we have for our disaster recovery is to be painted hot pink in order to keep them coming back to us for the next weeks use. When Jimmy left a day early last week and left his stilts we just couldn't resist "marking" them for him! Love ya Jimmy -- you are awesome and we miss you already! I always knew you would look good in pink!

Until next time . . . just try and keep up with this week! Susan and Monty

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