Friday, October 16, 2009

From shell to house

They started on Monday morning with nothing more than a shell. Today they finished with a house. Even Archie called it a house today! The walls are framed in and covered with sheetrock, that sheetrock is finished and now primed. The painting will begin on Monday. And there were only 5 of them! Amazing what God can accomplish with some willing hearts and able hands.
This morning we welcomed a new team. They are here for today and tomorrow, all 16 of them. We did our orientation at the homeowners place since it was closer for the team. Ms Carol will be getting her kitchen, bedroom and bathroom completely rebuilt but they all had to be gutted first. The team not only did the gutting but they helped pack and load all Ms Carol's belongings and take them to her storage unit. They also got out in her garage storage area and organized it so now Ms Carol can now find what she is looking for. Ms Carol will be spending the next weeks at her daughters house and it seems all her children will be congregating there to get some of Mom's great home cooking!
We also visited with Mr David this afternoon. His home will also be getting a kitchen, family room and bathroom make over. As we talked with him and made sure we communicated with his niece all information I realized Mr David wasn't as young as I thought. When I asked him how old he was and he said 98 !!!! I was shocked! He really laughed when I said I thought he was around 80!!! He couldn't remember when his wife died but thought it was about 13 - 14 years ago. He said he missed her so much but wouldn't want her to know how he missed her! I look forward to sending a team to start the gutting. We will also be refinishing his kitchen cabinets as he wants to keep them. Should be an amazing experience for the volunteers and for Mr David. We will start the process a week from this Monday.
From there it was off to Lowes to help Art get his appliances, which he found marked down! A team will begin laying his flooring on Monday.
And once again the day has come to an end. The cool -- yes, cool !!! breezes are blowing inside the trailer. It's amazing to be able to have the windows and door open! We even broke down and removed the foil insulation in some of the windows! A really big day for us!!!!!
Tomorrow morning we will welcome yet another local team coming to spend the day being the hands and feet and heart of God. Be sure and stay tuned.
Until then . . . be blessed and bless someone else! Speaking of which --- a HUGE thank you to Rob at home --- he came and fixed our hot water heater. Now our daughter can have hot water! Rob -- we love you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts! THANKS!!!
Susan and Monty

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